Yuneec Typhoon H Drone 2016 Review

The market of drones for capturing fantastic aerial shots within budget prices is increased in the past years. There are many companies producing quality drones for their customers. However, Yuneec is one of them which is trying to compete with the best seller of drones market DJI. The company is trying from past few years but succeeded this time by providing Typhoon H drone. It is priced $100 less than the DJI’s drone Phantom 4. But have same specifications like Phantom 4 with few extra ones. This article is all about Typhoon H drone 2016 review.

Here is the detailed review of the newly introduced Typhoon H drone from Yuneec for the year 2016.


The first promising and distinguished thing about this drone is that it was six rotors instead of four. If you have lost one rotor for any reason, then there is no need to worry about as Typhoon H can fly with 5 rotors too. So, it means you can safely get your drone back to the home position for repairing. The camera in it is rotatable within 360 degrees. Another great feature of Typhoon H is that it used sonar for obstacles detection and avoidance. It means that you can easily get your device fly safely back to home even in dark light without crashing with any of the obstacles in the way.

The last but not the least feature of Yunees H drone is that it has the best controller available with any drone available in the market. It comes with a 7-inch built-in touchable screen for telecasting the live video from drone along with accessibility to other features. So, by using this gadget. You will not need any other android device to use the drone to its fullest.

Quality & Durability

The overall build quality of this device is sturdy. However, it’s not the best in town. It is not that solid as compared with DJI’s P4. The major issue is due to the folding arms of the gadget. The parts will not get broken in the first crash. But the build quality is not that much great.


Now, let’s talk about the battery of . There is 5400mAH battery included in the package. The company claims that the gadget will have flight timing of around 25 minutes in one full charge. But you will get 23 minutes in the least conditions and 17 to 20 minutes in heavy usage. The battery takes two and half hours to complete the battery percentage from zero to 100 percent which is not that bad at all.


The last but not the least thing which is important to review is the camera of H drone. The camera is capable of taking 12-megapixel photos as stills. For video shooting, it supports 4k video recording with 30 frames per second. You can also get a 1080p recording at 60 frames per second. Overall, the camera quality is decent because it is providing 360-degree rotating camera in such cheap price point. The other drones having 360-degree cameras are priced almost double of what Yuneec is providing in $1299.

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