Xiaomi’s Mi 5 Smartphone Review


Xiaomi’s new smartphone Mi 5 has no extraordinary or unique features like Huawei dual camera. But it is a solid smartphone with great specifications and price. In this post, we will discuss Mi 5 in detail. After reading this review, you can take the final decision whether to buy this one or not.

Hardware And Design

The design of the smartphone is something really sweet and sleek. The device is having a screen size of 5.15 inch which is smaller than other flagship devices available in the market. But the design with no bezel at all looks great in the hand. If you adjust the brightness to 50 %, the colors will be sharp enough to please your eyes. Below the screen, there is a Samsung like metal ringed home button which is featured with the built-in fingerprint reader. On the left and right of the home button, there are back and recent apps buttons as lights on the surface.

The phone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and with 3GB of RAM for faster processing and hang-free browsing. The onboard storage is 64GB for storing your files, pictures, and videos. The high-end model has 128GB of storage with 4GB of RAM.


If you have used any Xiaomi smartphone before, then you will be known to the MIUI OS which is a middle zone in between iOS and Android. If you have not used it before, then take it as a surprise. There is latest MIUI version 7 with Android 6.0 but with some limitations. There is no app drawer, rich notifications panel and permissions manager like you can get in any other Android 6.0 running smartphone. The MIUI is similar to Apple iOS and has similar features. There are blurred-transparent menus and all icons will be on your home screen because of no app drawer.


The camera of Mi 5 is 16 megapixel with aperture f/2.0. The camera is flushed within the back of the smartphone. There is custom camera application for capturing photos using Mi 5 camera. The app loads quickly and capture photos seamlessly. There are many features available in the camera along with different camera modes. There are some features like voice-activated shutter and tilt-shift. There is beauty mode included in the app which will smooth your skin and remove wrinkles from your face. Some standard features like Panorama shot, HDR, and manual modes are also included.

The front-facing camera is 4 megapixel with 2um pixel size and f/2.0. The front camera can record 1080p videos at 30 frames per second. However, the rear camera can record videos up to 2160p at 30fps and 1080p at 30fps.


The Xiaomi Mi 5 is having 3,000 mAh battery which is enough to give you a full day of battery backup. For normal users, they can get 72 hours of battery backup. There is USB type-C port to charge the smartphone quickly.



The Mi 5 is priced at 308$ and the pro model is priced at 401$. The pro model had 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

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