Xbox One S Review

Xbox One S is recently introduced at the Microsoft build developer conference. The S in the model refers to the slim body of the Xbox. In this article, we will discuss briefly about the newly introduced Xbox One S. If you are planning to get one for you, then this article is a must-read for you to know about the device in detail before buying.


The first thing to talk about is the design of the gadget. It is a thin and blu-ray player type angular box in which the exterior is of white color. The button arrangement is more configured and rearranged better than the previous versions. As the name defines that it is a slim device. It is 40% smaller than the predecessor Xbox. You can also lift the system upright too. The predecessor touch buttons are now being replaced with the physical ones which are a good step.

If you are thinking that the slim sized system has nothing inside, then you are wrong. There is an expansive 2TB hard disk drive along with a power supply of massive voltage integrated within the small box. On the face of the console, there are two buttons for eject and power purposes. Both the buttons are physical and not touch sensitive. In the lower half of the front face, there are USB 3.0 ports along with the sync. IR blaster can be located at the front side of the console which will allow you to turn on your different devices like TV, satellite box etc. The standard port for kinetic is missing in the design.


When we start comparing the predecessor release with the new one, then we will come to know that there are only a few changes being made in terms of performance. There is 4k streaming functionality with HDR gaming experience. There is better CPU and GPU in the S model as compared to the Xbox One model which increase the frame rates of your gameplay. Almost all heavy games can be played on the Xbox One S console which will run the gameplay at 60 frames per second for most of the games. The console also comes shipped with a gamepad. The gamepad is featuring different functionalities to enhance your gaming experience. There is built-in Bluetooth support along with long range to play games by sitting far away from the screen.

So, this was all about Xbox One S review. While wrapping the review, we can say that it is a perfect system for any first-time buyer of the gaming console. But if you are a user of Xbox One already, then you will have to think about investing the same amount again for a version which has 4K resolution and 2TB of storage capacity. The Xbox One S will be available for the same price as of Xbox One. But the only downside is that there is a rechargeable battery included in the gamepad and not the rechargeable batteries.

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