Why Google Pixel may have the best smartphone camera?

The big giant Google is going to release their smartphone named as Google Pixel. As the name is Pixel, so one should expect something great to come in terms of camera. The company claims that their new smartphone camera is the best camera in the world you have in smartphones having a different type of scenes selection and shooting modes. Google Pixel receive a score of 89 from a reliable testing site of cameras. It is the highest for any smartphone, one point more than the flagship S7 Edge and three points ahead of iPhone 7. Are you curious to know why the Pixel camera is the best camera in the smartphone? There are few reasons why the Google Pixel camera is the best.

Low Light Performance

The first reason is the low light performance. This is not the first time that Google claims that their low lighting performance will be better as it was the major point of fame for Nexus 6P. But with the release of Pixel, the camera quality in low lighting situations become more impressive. There is 12.3-megapixel camera which is having f/2.0 aperture. Technically speaking, this is not the best aperture used as there is used in Galaxy S7 which is f1.7. But the device handles the low lighting situations pretty well and result in an outstanding picture with great detailing. There is no 2X zoom available in the camera which is really disappointing and there are no advanced features added in the camera app.

Excellent Detailing

The picture looks great when each and every element involved in the image is expressed in detail. The Pixel camera is the best one to get excellent detailing while capturing pictures. This is probably the best smartphone we had which preserve that much details in the outdoor scenes.

Fast Picture Taking Ability

In the demonstration ceremony of Pixel, the company brought a professional cameraman to use the phone for capturing pictures. He was pretty much satisfied with the quality and shutter speed and said that it is one of the best smartphones he has ever used. The shutter speed is impressive and you can switch to video mode in no time.

If you have used Nexus 6P, then you will be known to the fact that shutter lagging is really a big issue. You may encounter lag in shutter speed while using Galaxy S7 Edge sometimes.

Video Stabilization

The next reason why Google Pixel may have the best smartphone camera is the video stabilization. The camera is capable of capturing videos in 4k with 30 frames per second. The 1080p videos can be captured at 120 frames per second and 720p can be captured at 240 frames per second. There is no optical image stabilization feature in Pixel. But the company has added their own electronic stabilization which may perform so well that we forget about the optical image stabilization.

Natural Color Production

The last but not the least reason why Google Pixel will have best smartphone camera application is the natural color reproduction. The pictures taken with Pixel looks natural and each element in the picture is produced incorrect color.


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