We live in a world driven by technology and the future seems to bring more usefull innovations

Recent and Futuristic Technology

Recent and futuristic technology is something ready to change our lives. Following gadgets are either in prototype stage or in consumer market ready to make our lives more prosperous.


Above image is $3 umbrella made to forecasts weather. It communicates with the help of light. The patterned blue light predicts rain. It has a zip code, a receiver connected to ACCCU weather, which glows with gentle blue light indicating terrible weather.


Above photo is of micro apartment designed by MIT. It can change 15 by 15 area into exercise area, lounge kitchen, sleeping area or study. It has wall mounted device  that convert an area according to time of the day like it will convert bedroom into exercise room after getting up from bed.

Above image shows a trash that orders finished grocery item of household automatically. It has a tiny camera in it with bar scanner, recording each and everything thrown away and sending list to amazon.com where it is recorded and sent to household again. Another photo above is pair of   frame. One frame can be used to know if the person on the other end with the second frame is looking at your photo. It enhances feeling of closeness if two people are far apart. If a person touch a frame, it glows light of the second frame conveying that he is being missed by the other person. Its Color changes according to how hard one person is touching the photo.


In the pictures above one is a bicycle that can be converted to hybrid cycle which paddles automatically. Wheel captures much of energy when applied brake or moving downhill which can later use to move pedal when travelling through terrains or inclined area. Another device in the above picture is camera that can record our entire life. It can be attached to a jacket   and pedometer size camera in it can take photos after every 30 seconds recording each and every moment of life.


The first picture above shows a recent invention of baby shirt that monitors a baby, its respiration, and skin temperature, position, sleeping patterns and different activity levels. It also has a microphone attached with a parent’s smartphone that can convey his cry or any voice to parent’s phone. Another one is a table that uses our speech analysis and pick up keyword from conversation to bring forward pictures from your Facebook to table top.


Lastly from the pictures above, one is a special google latitude doorbell that lets you locate your family members and time when they are coming back through Google latitude source containing   all data of family members transmitted from smart devise and conveyed with the help of unique doorbell chimes for each member. Another picture is of a $100 hap fork. It is a fork coming with 5 different colors each assigned for specific alert. It is made for self-monitoring of amount and time of food which will help in losing weight.

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