Virtual Reality Movie Theaters

Virtual reality is the latest trending technology in the recent era. In the year 2016, you will get the chance to use different virtual reality gadgets. If you are not aware of the term virtual reality then let me tell you first about the term virtual reality. The basic meaning of the terminology is near reality. In this article, we will discuss all virtual reality and its usage and progress in movie theaters.

In Amsterdam, there is going to be opened the world first ever virtual reality movie theater. There are different virtual reality headsets are released by different vendors like HTC as HTC Vive. The upcoming cinema is named as The Virtual Reality Cinema. The cinema hall featuring rotating chairs to spin around. You can spin around in 360-degree angle to catch all the fun and action. While there are few things which are necessary to enjoy the movie in this upcoming virtual reality movie that is Samsung Gear VR and a pair of HD headphones along with Samsung S6.

There is a space of 50 attendees in the room to watch the movie at the same time. The movie will last for around 30 minutes and the tickets are available from 10 to 18$. In the upcoming years, there will be a lot more to come in the field of virtual reality. For getting a rough idea that how virtual reality is getting popular and moving forward, let’s start discussing the four important things which you can expect in 2016 in the field of virtual reality.

High-Powered Headsets

The first important thing to expect in virtual reality is high powered headsets. Rift, released by Facebook and then HTC Vive headsets by HTC. The company Sony has also released their own virtual reality headset named as PlayStation VR. For using these headsets, you will have to buy a compatible computer. For example, for Sony headset, you will need a PlayStation 4.

Better Camera Options

The next important thing which you can expect in the year 2016 in virtual reality is the better camera options availability. Virtual reality is not all about computer generated graphics. There are many companies developing their live-action contents. There are some companies willing to jump into this industry by providing their products. Nokia is going to start selling their upcoming virtual reality camera named as Ozo. There are plans to develop a beach size ball for capturing spherical images. The cost of the camera will be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

New Games

The last but not the least important thing in virtual reality is the development of new and latest games. There are different companies developing many games to enjoy along with virtual-reality headsets. The company Ubisoft Entertainment is going to launch their new game named as “Eagle Flight in 2016”. In the game, you are an eagle and can start moving in the Paris.

There is no one who can tell that what is going to be the future of virtual reality in movie theaters and other institutes.

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