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In the field of technology, the most recent technology introduced is the virtual reality. Virtual reality is a technology of using 3 dimensional graphics with surround sound to make someone experience something that is not actually there. The concept started with the advent of 3-D cinema and is under development since then. Recent developments have resulted in first person shooting and driving games and some other very amazing uses. Google has always been working on technological advancements always and has developed some very interesting technologies from android to google AdSense. Now it is once again the time to go one step further.

On the last Sunday, that is February 6th, it was reported that Google is working to develop a new Virtual Reality headset. This one will be a lot more advanced than the Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset and will be more related the Samsung gear VR.  Google’s product will be far more advanced than the cardboard or the Samsung gear VR. It will be a standalone unit. Unlike the Samsung or Cardboard one, this will not need a computer or a phone to work with. This was said by the wall street journal. “The unannounced device will include a screen, high-powered processors and outward-facing cameras” it was said in the Wall Street Journal. The device may not give as good results as the HTC Vive or Oculus but it will have the convenience of working without any aid from the outside. It will have its own processor, memory and everything to work.

This may not be confused with the Google’s gear VR which is to be released with the upcoming version of android. The new version of android will work with the VR as thetechnology core part of it. The Financial Times described it as the Nexus Style VR headset. It will be the reference for all other manufacturers. This product will debut in the middle of the running year.

Though much is known about the Google gear Virtual Reality Headset yet not much knowledge has been disclosed about the standalone unit by google. Its release date and detail specification are not yet revealed by google. One journal source has however suggested that it may arrive this year. But most of the sources suggest that it is still in the initial stages of development and may take a long time before coming to the market. It is said that Movidius, a tech company based in San Mateo is providing all the technology to google that will help the upcoming standalone VR unit track the user’s head movements. The main competitors of Google in the field of VR are Samsung, Oculus, Sony and HTC. Each of them will produce a stunning VR product and bring it to the market within this very year. Google is a step ahead because it is making a standalone unit as well as a gear VR for Nexus smartphones. No other company has yet started working on a VR headset that can work without an external system supporting it.

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