Video calling launched by WhatsApp for everyone

We all are daily users of WhatsApp. If you don’t know about WhatsApp. Then let me tell you that it is a messaging application available for android as well as iOS users to do audio calling and texting with their friends and family. You don’t have to pay for anything while using it. As your data connection is being used for sending your messages. Now the app wants to be more useful for their users by providing video calling feature in it. As we all know that videos are the latest trend in the market. Facebook Live and FaceTime are the examples of this.

WhatsApp is a purchased product of Facebook. The official launching is declared to have video calling feature in WhatsApp. There were some reports going around in which people claim to have this feature before the release. That was probably in the beta version available in Android Play Store. But now it’s officially available for all platforms.

How to use this feature?

Now the question is how you can use this feature. First of all, you will have to be sure that latest version of WhatsApp is installed on your smartphone. After installing that latest version, the next step is to open the application. Now click on the call button available on the top right corner of conversation. The same button which you use before for audio calling. But now it will ask you to opt an option from two available ones. You can select video call from there to start video calling feature.

You can select the camera you want to show in the video call. The switching between your selfie camera and the rear camera is just one click away from you. The user interface of the application is quite similar but few differences seen in Android and iOS application in terms of video feed size and buttons size.

The interface is quite simple of the video call. You only have three option buttons available from which one is for ending the call and one is for muting your microphone. However, the third one is for changing your camera from front to rear. Your video will be shown in the small box, while another person video will be available on the whole mobile device screen.

The company says that there are plenty of features available in WhatsApp already. But there was a request from our users from a long time to include video calling feature in it. So, we decided to add that. Now after introducing video call feature, WhatsApp is becoming more useful. There are a number of rivals like Skype and Viber who are also providing video calling feature.

The idea behind introducing this feature as the company says is that they want to make sure that video calling feature is available for all people instead of only those who are having expensive phones. FaceTime is available for only Apple smartphones. Google Duo is only accessible if you have an android latest version.

If video calling feature is not shown yet in your application. Then there is nothing to worry about as the official roll-out is started. So, you will have the option in few days or try updating your WhatsApp messenger.


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