Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Data While Switching From One Android Device To Another | Fast Geekz

Updating your phone? If you move from one Android device to another, you can’t get it simpler. Here are some tips to make the transition as easy and fast as possible:


Contacts Transfer

Many users have synchronized their contacts with Google Account. When you sign up for a new phone, Google account contacts are automatically synchronized with the Contacts application on your new phone. In the event that your contacts are not synced to your Google Account (stored within the device), there are two ways to transfer your contacts.


Use a SIM card – SIM card usually has a capacity of 250 contacts. If yours has less than 250 contacts, then this is the easiest to move them to a new method of the phone. Open the Contacts application on your phone, after pressing the menu icon then select Manage import / export. A window will appear. From this window, select Export to SIM to copy contacts on the device to the SIM card. Place the SIM card into the new phone, repeat the steps, and select Import from SIM card.


Use a memory card – You can export the book to the memory card addresses. You can then put the memory card in the new phone contacts and import. The advantage here is that there is no limit to the contact number – you can download thousands of contacts using this method.


Text messaging

It is easy to transfer contacts, messages tend to be a bit tricky to move to a new phone. We recommend using SMS Backup & Restore free application (Ritesh Sahu). The application is ad-supported, but offers the best backup and restore a single touch your messages from one device to another. You can even set the folder where you want to create the backup and supports the economies in the external storage directly.


All photos / videos

To move images and videos, we recommend that you copy all of your content to your computer first. However, if you do not have access to a computer, try one of the following methods:


Use a memory card – Use ES File Explorer to copy pictures / videos from the internal memory to the microSD card. This application allows you to select and then bulk copy / move all the elements together in a new location.


Use WiFi – If the device does not have a microSD slot, you can transfer your photos / videos to another wireless device. There are many applications available on the Play Store that make a device for wireless transfer.


Home Screen Layout

When you obtain a new Android phone, it may take some time to do things exactly as you like them: the number of pages to the home screen, application shortcuts to be placed, where and when Widgets should be (and its size should be). With New Launcher, you can have a complete copy of your safety project the home screen.


Transfers between platforms

Some phones come with an application that will help you pass the data. If your new phone is not working, try Wondershare MobileGo – it is an easy and also free app for transferring data between two mobile devices. MobileGo functions to transfer content between iOS and Android devices. Download the PC installer. Built in Media Manager helps you manage all your media and transfer between this device. Then you can do other things like cleaning the contacts (remove duplicates, change), manage applications on your device, read / send SMS to your computer and take screenshots. With the device connected, you can reflect on the PC applications, including games. All notices will follow the PC. And if you decide to start MobileGo application (Android only), which will help clean scrap, higher speed and helps connect the device to your computer without cables.


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