Tips And Tricks You Need To Know About Google Maps

Google maps are not just a map application. You may have used Google maps before but after reading this article you will be amused to know that there is much more to do with Google Maps. It can help you to organize a trip, will aid you while traveling and will also recommend places near you for eating dinner or lunch in the new place you are traveling. Let’s start exploring these top tips which you should know before starting your new traveling trip.

Offline Maps

The first tip is Google offline maps. Whether you are traveling to a top of the mountain or heading towards a jungle where no network coverage available. Then Google Maps offline facility will help you to reach your destination without any problem. You can simply download the offline map of the area you are planning to travel. You can simply do that by going to Settings in the application. Hit on plus button which will be showed under Offline areas section. Now select the area from the globe where you want to go and where there is no network connection available.

Send Directions To Phone

You will be using Google maps on your smartphone as well as on your desktop computer. So, you will not need to start the process all over again as there is an option available to easily switch from your personal computer to mobile. Simply use the send to your phone tool from your desktop and you are all done with it. You can also embed maps on your website. This will help your customers to reach your company without any problem.

Keep Your Timeline

Another interesting tip which you can use while using Google maps is that you can track all the stores and shops you have visited in the last week or so. This can be helpful to prove your wife or relative that where you were the last day. Whenever you will use Google Photos, Google Maps will show that specific location where you have taken the picture.

Be A Local Guide

The next tip about Google Maps is that you can use this one to increase your Drive storage space and other freebies from Google. The local guide program by Google is that when you will post pictures of any location and submit new restaurants and hotels around you. Then in return, you will get freebies from them in terms of Drive space and invites for using their beta features.

Master Navigation

The last but not the least tip to use Google Maps is that when you will be using Trip planning tool. Then Google Maps will automatically search for three different type of routes toward your destination. These routes include transit, biking, and walking. You can also modify the map by telling the map to avoid any highways or tools.

So, these are few tips and tricks which you can utilize while using Google maps application on your smartphone or on your desktop computer. If you know any more tips and tricks which are not mentioned, then let us know by commenting below.

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