The Trends in Robotics Technology

When robots are considered, reality still lags science fiction. The fact that robots failed to live up to their expectation previously does not deter the fact that they will arrive sooner. If the various technologies that are springing up are considered, one can see that the age of robotics is nearer. The various technologies have made robotics cheaper, more practical and also cost-effective.

In this post, we shall take a look at:

  • The aspects of any robot
  • The industrial robots that are currently used, and
  • Robot intelligence.

Aspects Of A Robot

There are three aspects of a robot namely:

  • Brawn: this refers to the strength which relates to physical payload which a robot can move.
  • Bone: it is the physical structure of a robot which determines the size and also weight of the robot with respect to its physical payload.
  • Brain: this refers to the robotic intelligence. It is what the robot can think and do without be aided.

Due to the ways robot have been painted in various fictions, they are expected by lots of people to be like humans. However, a robot looks just like the functions it performs. Some robots that look like humans are as good as mechanical toys.

Majority of the early robots were big machines with conspicuous brawn. As a result of advancements in technology, the capability, performance and benefits of robots have been improved. An example of such improvement is the transitioning of robots that were powered hydraulically to being powered electrically. This improved the robots’ accuracy and performance.

Industrial Robots Already In Use

Currently, there are about 1 million robots in the world. About half of this figure is in Japan while the United States has about 15%. In the past, 90% of these robots were used in manufacturing cars. They were engaged in tasks such as in assembly lines where they carry out a number of repetitive tasks. Today, about half of the robots are found in automobile plants while the other 50% are found in other factories, laboratories, warehouses and other industries.

Robot Intelligence

Robots have boosted factories’ productivity, efficiency and quality, despite their primitive intelligence. Some of the ‘smartest’ robots are also used in space explorations, surgery and even kept as pets. These applications show that robots cannot be ignored or discarded.

With the increase in the development of artificial intelligence technology, the capability of robots as automation tools have been improved. The new era of robotics find application where advanced intelligence is required. In fact, robotic technology comprises a number of other related technologies such as machine vision, force sensing which is used for touch, speech recognition and advanced mechanics.

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