The new Nokia 3310, return of a conqueror

The technology has always improved, as much as we see in the recent past, we have been able to see a better version of everything. All of the gadgets have improved with time and the changes in them have been widely accepted. But many of them have marked their names deep and have carved their existence with permanency. One of such gadgets was the Nokia 3310. It enjoyed the heights of fame from its time and the users are already getting excited after knowing that their beloved bar handset will be hitting the market again, very soon.

With this news getting official, most of the people had the curiosity of how Nokia is going to make the changes to the newer model, obviously you don’t expect an 8-bit game to work in the era of virtual reality. But Nokia has been intelligent enough to keep the legacy alive so not much of the big changes are being induced. The phone, however, is going to be much lighter than it was before and not only the weight is going to be reduced it will also get slimmer with the same basic design and shape. The latest reports also suggest that the phone is going to keep its keys but the size of the keys will be adjusted slightly, this will happen because of the presence of larger color display on board as compared to the 84 x 84 monochromatic unit that was standing tall in the previous version.

As the recent video for how the phone is going to look like is out as well. The bigest news is that it will be equipped with the 3.5mm jack that has been quite an issue for the apple fans. The phone also going to have a lens onboard so the camera capabilities are a plus point. The phone is having a battery with the talk time of 22 hours, the standby battery is going to provide will be up to 744 hours and just like old days the battery will be Removable Li-Ion 1200 mAh. The new Nokia 3310 will be 2g supported and the option of Dual-sim also makes it sound sexy. Internal space provided is 16MB while the card slot can give you the space up to 32GB. You will be able to buy the unbeatable Nokia 3310 in the variety of colors such as yellow, red and green.


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