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The Marvels Of Technology

With the advent of modern technology, everything has advanced and so have the phones. 20 years ago no one could even imagine having a camera a computer and a television in their pockets. The latest iPhone 6, 6s and Galaxy series of Samsung have made it possible to have all these and many things beyond these in your pocket. The technology used in these smartphones is a very complex one.

The iPhone uses one of the most delicate and finest technologies in the world till date. This has also made the phone a very complex device. The iPhones are a system containing way too much technology in them to be understood by a layman.

The Mother Circuit

The main circuit board of the iPhone consists of two circuit boards. One has the CPU memory and storage components which enable it to function as a media device. The other one has GSM components and communications devices which ensure the phone is connected to the world outside of it.

The Display

The iPhone has a 4.7 inch LED backlit display which enables it to bring life to whatever is played in it. The display is brand named retina by iPhone because it is as clear as the sight of a normal human eye.


The camera in the iPhone, called the isight camera is one of its type. It has the ability to show everything exactly as it happens. The 5 component lens has made it possible to bring vibrant colors to your photos with no distortion and any blurriness in the photo.

Apple is not only making the iPhones. The game has gone way farther than it. The devices made by apple are constantly making our lives easier and livelier. One of the other gadgets offered by Apple are the iWatches. The smart watch concept is an old one but Apple has taken it to a whole another level. The smart watch is not just a watch; it is your personal assistant and health monitor as well.

Run on the latest Apple software, the iWatch has the ability to respond to your calls, texts and emails and keep a record of your heart beat and sleep wake cycle to ensure you live a healthy and active life.

The game is not yet over, Apple has made some other many amazing products like the iPad, the iPod and other things like them. All of these are meant to make life easier and happier for you. The technology they use is very complex to deliver on the screen the best results.

The problem with these things is that they are very delicate. They can get out of order by a simple mishandling. Getting an iPhone or another Apple product repaired is a costly and time taking job. Not all the repair agents are the same. If you have any iPhone or another product which has gone out of order you can contact us at to get it fixed at the best prices in the town.


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