The Hover Bike, a dream come true

Have you ever been a fan of the James Bond movies? Even those movies never showed such machinery which is now being developed. One big example is the hover bike whose prototype has been prepared and is all ready to go commercial. If you’re having a trouble imagining how it will look physically then for a moment, imagine a bike settled on top of a drone with powerful chopping blades cutting the air. The idea is to make flying as easy as riding a bike, and the way it is designed, idea is completely supported.

Recently the Scorpian-3 bike has given its first test flight and the video has gone viral. This is the first time a man sitting on a hovering manned quad copter has successfully completed the text and the internet alongside its users all over the world are going crazy for this tech. The Scorpian-3 comes with all of the quad copter-drone technology which is beautifully blended with the design of a motorcycle, the chopping blades with their powerful capacity of electricity have the ability to hover the bike and its pilot above into the air. Best part is the its user friendliness, as this hover bike can be driven by the expert drivers and also the amateurs, as the software that is embedded into the bike allows both manual and automated controls. The design was made with an immense amount of research and all of the requirements for a bike that can fly and can also put a person driving on it safe are all kept under consideration.

On the off chance that you required some consolation, the stage is outfitted with a wellbeing framework fueled by best in class flight controllers, unique intelligent programing, and PC helped speed and height constraining. This hover bike is going to have the astonishing capability of carrying weight up to 120 kilograms and can reach up to the speed to a total of 50 kilometers per hour. The controls are all designed in a way that they can be operational but the use of bare hands. Scorpian-3 without a shadow of a doubt is the next step forward towards the world where the bikes will be seen all hovering into the air making the roads get empty with time and meet the expectations of the rising population of the planet, just like we see in the movies.


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