The Apple Electric Car?


Apple has always been known for its groundbreaking technology, and whenever there is a new technology it is only a matter of time before Apple is leading the charge and making products that become defined as that industry’s standards.

For a few years now, speculation has existed that posits that Apple might be developing an electric car. However, Apple has remained quite tight lipped about it, even though it is obvious by now that it will, indeed, be introducing a new electric car in the near future.

Not much is known about the electric car that Apple is about to produce, but one thing is for sure: what little we do know is extremely exciting.

One thing that people are certain about the Apple car is that it is not going to be shaped like a regular car. People are not quite certain if it is going to be shaped like a Mini Cooper or a minivan but these are the two possible shapes that people have spoken of.

Apart from this, Apple is definitely going to integrate the various technologies that it has released into this car. You are probably going to be able to unlock it using a password protected app as well as use your iPhone as a remote control of sorts that would allow you to control your car. The air conditioning, volume levels as well as other aspects of the car will be controlled through your iPhone if speculations are correct.

After Google has announced its self-driving vehicle, analysts have started to speculate that the Apple car will have an automatic driving feature as well. This is an important part of the overall car because it would allow people to conveniently drive to any location they choose without having to interrupt their activities. Such a thing would fit quite perfectly into Apple’s way of doing things.

The car will, of course, be powered by a battery that will be rechargeable via an electric current. The efficiency of their system is currently unknown, but Apple is not the kind of company that allows people to exceed and beat them. The new model of the Tesla car can travel over two hundred miles with a single charge, and Apple is probably going to make sure that their own car can travel similar distances in order to remain competitive.

Apple has hired a lot of people from Tesla Motors, and is specifically offering employees of this company extra compensation if they join the company. This shows that Apple is taking this project very seriously indeed, and that it is trying as hard as possible to make sure that the car that they release blows everything else out of the water.

At the end of the day, it’s Apple, and Apple does not take it easy when it comes to new products. Whatever comes, we can all be sure that it will be excellent and that it will have all of the latest features.

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