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Terms and Conditions

FAST GEEKZ Computer Repair, LLC

Computer & Cell Phone Repair



FAST GEEKZ Computer Repair, LLC is not associated with Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony or any other Manufacturer that may be listed on our website.

FAST GEEKZ Computer Repair, LLC is in no way associated with any of the companies or manufacturers of any electronic devices stated above or on our related website(s). Opening a device may limit or void any warranty you may or may not have with the Manufacturer or insurer of your device.

Non‐Repairable Device due to part availability, Part Sourcing and/or Poor Quality of Parts

Due to the nature of the industry, parts can become scarce, unattainable, or do not meet our quality control standards. In the event that this happens you will be contacted promptly and made aware of the situation. This can cause repairs to take more than 24 hours or in the worst case scenario become non‐repairable. In the event of this happening, you will be refunded for any parts you purchased for a repair, however, there will be a service fee charged for the labor and technician time. If you elect not to recycle your device and wish to have it returned, there will be a shipping fee added to the labor service fee.

Abandonment of Devices

In the event your device is left with us for 30 days or more your unit will be considered abandoned and will be recycled. This can happen if we are awaiting an authorization for a repair and are unable to contact you by phone or email. It can also occur if we do not receive payment for our services or repairs.

Disassembled or Open Devices

If we receive disassembled devices we reserve the right to charge a service fee for Technician time to reassemble and test the device to determine what type of repair is needed. It is a possibility that the devices may be returned with less functionality than when we received it. Previously disassembled units that are received can be unpredictable and may become non‐repairable during the diagnostics process.

Broken Device

By checking in your electronics you agree to the following terms and conditions and release your device to FAST GEEKZ Computer Repair, LLC for repair: FAST GEEKZ Computer Repair, LLC, is not responsible for any permanent hardware or software malfunctions of your device.

Liquid Damaged Devices

Electronics that come into contact with liquid can be a challenging repair. If a unit is recoverable by our liquid damage process this does not guarantee that the unit will stay fully functional for any period of time. This is also the case even if we put new parts into the unit to bring it back to full functionality. Due to the nature of liquid damage a unit can still have microscopic levels of corrosion on any component on the device which over time can destroy contacts on the logic board. As a result, this can deteriorate the functionality of your device and it can become non‐functional. This is not covered under our warranty.

Firmware Update

If your device needs to be restored and you do not specify what firmware you are running, we will update your device to the latest version.

Devices that are not fully functional or not able to be tested fully upon arrival

Technicians at FAST GEEKZ Computer Repair, LLC fully test every unit that is received upon arrival to ensure the repair requested is the one that is needed. It is nearly impossible to test some units for full functionality if the device does not power on, has a broken LCD, broken face plate, broken lens, security pass code, deactivation or any other damage that may limit full testing upon arrival. We are not responsible for any other repair that may be needed other than what the device originally came in for.

Loss of Data

You are highly encouraged to back up your personal data/information prior to bringing your device in for repair. We are in no way responsible for the loss of any data or media on any device. It is your responsibility to back up your data and media.

Parts and Labor Warranty

Unless otherwise specified, most of our services are covered under a 30 day service warranty. We do not offer warranty or any coverage for physical damage caused by the client after the repair.


Pricing can decrease or increase without notice any time. We will not refund any difference from the time of purchase due to a price change.

SIM Cards, Protective Covers, Screen Protectors, Cases, Wraps

We are not responsible for SIM Cards, protective covers, screen protectors, Cases, and Wraps. Please do not bring these items along with your device. If you do not remove a screen protector from your unit it may have to be removed to do the repair and will be discarded. It is your responsibility to remove these items prior to bringing.