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Technology on the Next Level

The technologies in all fields are advancing at such staggering rates as are totally imperceptible. Incredible breakthrough technologies are coming in the field every day. The field with particular growth is the robotics field. In the field of robotics, the latest inventions are observed to be more focused on kids.

The Lego Educational Robot-Mini Milo

Lego Education, a subsidiary of the Danish toy company recently unveiled a smart little robot at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is designed for the kids to build and program it by themselves. This little robot has a tiny motor and a motion sensor. Controlled wirelessly by a smartphone or a tablet, this bot can be used or a large variety of school science related projects. The robot is basically designed for classroom use. It can be purchased from the Lego education store for 160 dollars.

New Matter 3D printer

If you want your kids to make cool things for the on a 3-D printer but you think they are costly, someone has come up with a solution for your problem. New Matter just came up with the all new MOD-t 3D printer at the Consumer Electronics Show. The printer has a captivating design and will ad up to your home’s décor. The printer connects with the New Matter Market place where you can download the designs to print in 3-D. So you don’t have to learn the 3D designing to get the prints. However, if you have a design, you can also print it. The machine runs on ecofriendly plastic and has a price tag of just 399 dollars. This will soon bring the 3-D printers to every classroom of the US.

Makeblock robot kit

This thing here is seriously something. Makeblock, an open source robot construction platform, offers robot starter kids for children for as low as $75 per unit. The bot is designed to be built by the users and is made up of aluminum parts. Kids can program the bots using open source software like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The bot can also be connected to a phone using Bluetooth. In this way the engineers can monitor the toy’s movement from mobile phones. The company has also made some advanced robots which cost like 800 dollars.

Boogie Board e-writers

In our childhood, many of us have used that Crayola scratch paper. This invention is related to that. But a lot of more advanced o course.  The new Jot 4.5 and Scribble N’ Play are the latest e-writers from Boogie Board. They have a liquid crystal display (LCD) screens on which kids can draw using the electronic pens. The screen is multicolored and very colorful drawings can be made on it using the pen which looks like a crayon. The screen is translucent to make it easy for kids to trace numbers and letters on it and rom it. The product will be in the market by July and costs just like $20-30.


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