Do you know that the way you sleep through the night and you wake up in the morning has a predominant effect on your health? A healthy living culminates wealth; medical practitioners have always conveyed the importance of a good sleeping and waking routine as the best way to an improved memory thus enhances all round healthy living. But with the level of work schedules and phone alarm clock systems which tend to reverberate at your deep sleep point and the traditional pillows and bed systems available, getting a healthy routine bed experience has always been far-fetched.

The smart sunrise pillows, if lunched eventually, it will take bed accessories to a new level and thus redefine the way you sleep and wake up. The pillow is fused with a companion app that helps it to detect a sleep score out of 100 for you. This feature enables you to be conscious of the reasons why you are not getting a good sleep which accounts for exercises and alcohol consumption and makes it easy for you to retract and make proper corrections to a better all inclusive and healthy living to wealth.

According to Philip, the industrial designer of the smart sunrise pillow; “the pillow case is designed with ultra- breathable diamond quilt fabric which enables it to be mild and tender on the user, giving you comfort and a cooling sensation. The wireless audio embedded in the foam cushion enables the smart sunrise pillows to offer you a variety of natural sounds, fan sounds, and an option to listen to audio book. This invariably means that the pillow is playing the role of mother hen, quietly cuddling you to bed.”


The health impact of a balanced bed routine is numerous, here are few of them:

  • Reduction in Depression: A healthy bed routine helps to relax the muscles and nerves, thus culminates to a relaxed brain which can lower your chances of being It is also a good bed routine curbs fatigue which is a symptom of depression.
  • Lower anxiety and stress: A good sleep affects the way you are stressed out. Have you ever imagined; the beautiful vibrant feelings after a good night sleep in the morning?
  • Healthy weight balance: A proper sleeping and waking up routine helps you to go to bed at the right time, thus avoiding the temptation of eating cholesterol high food at late hours, which can lead to over

How the sunrise smart pillows, sleeps you to wealth

The sunrise smart pillows, gently rising lights simulate your body gradually, waking you at your light sleep peak point; which is natural and the key to feeling healthy and vibrant to kick start your daily activities. With much more relaxed mind, comfortable thinking capacity, sharpen attention to work details, and when you are at your maximum performance, you are invariable to make more cutting edge decisions and enhanced ideas to business conundrums which culminate to more wealth.

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