Sony Xperia XZ Review

The latest flagship smartphone announced by Sony during the event IFA 2016 is Sony Xperia XZ. The device is stylish in looking but offering more than the good looks of the phone. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the each aspect related to Xperia XZ. The most impressive and appealing feature of the phone is its build design and the camera. The device is still not released in the market but ready to strike the market for competing with the big giants of smartphone industry like Samsung and iPhone.

Sony Xperia XZ Release Date

The releasing date is yet not final. The company announced in the IFA 2016 that the flagship will be available in the early days of October. Will see when the phone will actually release in the market. The price of it would be around 400 to 700$.

Design Of Xperia XZ

Let’s start talking about the design and the build quality of the phone. It is a nice looking device with a similar kind of design as the other Xperia series devices had. It has display screen of 5.2 inches covered in a full metallic body design. The front of the device is made by using alkaleido metal material. It made the phone look shinny and unique in terms of build quality. It is also said to be a water resistant device which means that it can get survived in rain. But it will not get survived if you submerge it into water. The back is having shinny finish of metal which shows three different colors hue when any light strikes the surface.

Specifications Of Xperia XZ

Let’s start talking about the specifications of the Xperia XZ. It has full HD display size of 5.2 inches with extremely crispy and colorful display. There is 820 snapdragon processes having quad core chipset of 64 bit. There is 3GB RAM for faster and seamless performance. The use of 3GB RAM is now becoming standard for flagship devices. There was a time when 1GB was offered with flagships but now as the time passes the amount of RAM increases. The internal storage of the Xperia XZ is 32GB. If the memory is not enough for you, then you can easily increase your memory by inserting any MicroSD card up to 256GB. There is a USB type C port for faster data transferring and charging the device. The operating system in the Xperia XZ will be android Marshmallow.

Camera Of Xperia XZ

When the company Sony name comes in mind, the one thing which strikes in everyone mind is the camera qualities of Sony products. The company always introduce new and innovative tech ideas and technologies to improve the camera quality. There is 23 megapixel camera at the back of the handset. There are three different sensing technologies are used one for the movement sensing, second for correct colors reproduction and the third one for measuring the distance. All these sensors help you to take sharp, great looking pictures. The front facing camera is of 13 megapixels with wide angle lens to get impressive selfies.

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