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Mobile phones have become one of the basic human needs and necessities. Life cannot be imagined without smartphones in our hands. There are some names in this industry which are ever green. Their phones are always highly appreciated all over the world. Nokia is one of these names. This company sold its major brand Lumia to Microsoft for about 6 billion American Dollars in the recent past. But the company itself has not been dissolved. The company is preparing to launch an all new flagship in the competition of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7. Just like Nokia, LG Samsung and Apple are also trying their best to take the technology to the next level.

The Come Back of Nokia

Evan though most of the details of the upcoming smartphone of Nokia are highly classified, we could manage to get some hot news for you. The new smartphone of Nokia to be launched in fall 2016 or start of 2017 is nothing even related to the current smartphones in the market. It will be made to be able to fold. The research going on at Nokia is focused on developing a display which can be folded into a smaller size for storage and spread to be used. Having all the latest feature and updates, this device will start a new era of mobile phones.

The Revolution of iPhone

iPhone has always remained a step behind other competitors in the advancement of features in the phone but still it has managed a large fan following and loyal customers. It gives the other major mobile phone manufacturers a tough competition. The iPhone 7 is going to be a step ahead of all other phones currently in the market. This device will have wireless charging and ultra-fast Wi-Fi abilities. It will also come with the next generation of iOS and improved body features. The phonies expected to hit the market by the start of 2017.

Samsung is also Second to None

If you like to run Android based OS in your device, the most trusted name is Samsung. Samsung has produced many amazing phones and the introduction of the edge technology was really a breakthrough. Now the Samsung Galaxy 7 is coming up by the end of this year. The Samsung S7 will also have a 20 MP camera, 4 GB of RAM and possibly micro-SD support. This phone will also make record business like its predecessors of the Galaxy S-series.

LG L is for Life

L is for dreams that are LARGE. Though, confidential but this company is also doing research to make some baffling smartphone to dominate the market in the recent future. Not much is yet known of it.

So, overall the year 2017 is going to be a big year for the technology lovers.

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