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Nextbit is going to introduce the Robin Smartphone shortly which will fix the memory issue in the smartphone market. The phone will be up for sale the next week. The phone will only be available to 30 to 60 thousand people. Apple sold 13 million iPhone six s handsets in the first two weeks only.

Nextbit is no ordinary company. The founders Tom Moss and Mike Chan were a part of the android development team at Google and one of their associates Croyle was the chief developer of HTC One concept at HTC.

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The question is how this phone will eliminate the tension related to storage. Well, the phone will provide the users with a 100 gb of cloud based storage. The aim behind developing Robin is to make high end smartphone affordable for everyone around the globe. The base model will cost some 339 dollars and will have all the competitive specifications and functionality. The jey feature of this phone will be the ability to access the cloud for storage of 100 GB alongside the 32 GB internal memory provided in it. The phone has some other new features; it will have a USB Type C cable instead of the ordinary micro USB used in the smartphones today.

The phone is not planned to be produced in small numbers on permanent basis actually the shortage is due to the delay in supply of some of the parts y a Chinese company.

The company is not only making low budget phones but also phones are being made for customers demanding the expensive ones. This version will cost about 650 dollars. This version will compete the flagships like iphone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

Another distinctive feature regarding this phone will be that the company will sale it direct to the customer without involving the carrier middle man. Putting it in the words of Croyle, one of the founders of Nextbit, “Going direct-to-consumer allows us to have that authentic conversation”

This will also increase the profit margin of Nextbit as it will eliminate the carrier commission and they will also not need to get through the testing process of the carriers like AT&T and Verizon. This is also one of the reasons why Robin is cheaper than many other flagships. As a startup, Nextbit is going no profit no loss. But they say they will start being profitable by the end of 2016. The company will sell the handsets directly through their online store or through their authorized retailers. This will be a breakthrough in the industry in terms of direct sales and high cloud storage.

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