Samsung’s Latest Gear S3 Smartwatch Review

In past, there was a time when we had seven back to back smartwatches introduced from the smartphone manufacturer company Samsung. But after that, there was nothing introduced in the next two years. After that long break, the company has now launched their new Gear S3 smart watch. There are two variants for the watch available one is for aesthetics and the other one is more kind of a rugged smart watch named as Frontier. These watches have OS Tizen in them.

Two Different Variants Of Gear S3

The all new Samsung’s Gear S3 is available in two different variants which are two different type of users. The one is named as Gear 3 Classic model which is having silver bezels around the watch. However, the second variant is named as Gear 3 Frontier and having black bezels around the watch. The second model is more likely suitable for sports enthusiasts.

Both smartwatches are IP68 certified which means that you can enjoy swimming while having no worry about the watches. The company also claimed that you can take them along with your skydiving adventures as they are durable to change according to the temperature.


Let’s take a look at the specifications of the smart watches. Both the models have the same sort of specifications only change is made in their design. The screen size is 1.3 inch and the screen is super AMOLED screen which means that you will have sharper and brighter along with clear screen while using Gear S3. The processor in the gadget is 1GHz 7270 processor of Exynos.

The internal storage of the gadget is 4GB, which can be used to store any sort of data in your watch. The RAM of these devices is 786MB which is enough for them to run smoothly. The battery is 380mAh included in the specifications. The battery timing estimate is not yet revealed by the company.

Working Of OS Tizen

Let’s talk about the operating system which is available in the all new Gear 3 smartwatch. The updated version of Tizen OS which is 2.3.1 is installed in it. There is a rotating dock having the bunch of applications which you can use. Like its predecessor S2, you can approach the interface by using rotating physical dial around the bezels of the watch. The diameter of these watches is 46mm and these are one of the biggest available smart watches in the market right now.

Final Verdict

So, what should you do? Should you spend dollars on buying this new gadget or not? Overall the new Gear S3 from Samsung is a great smartwatch with plenty of new features. But it is not for everyone. If you are women, then sorry to say it is not styled for you. It is big in size too, so many people will not wear that one due to the big size. People will opt for a smaller gadget like Gear S2 if they have any problem with the big sized smart watch.

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