Samsung Unveils the S7


The release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 last year was a very important event in the world of smartphones. This was because the launch of this smartphone went very well, resulting in global success for the brand to the extent that they were finally able to take the top spot from Apple as the world’s leading producers of smartphones. Last year marked the first year that Samsung beat Apple in both design and usability, which meant that the South Korean tech giant saw much progress in the previous year.


Samsung will certainly be hoping to continue this trend this year with the release of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The tech giant has taken a lot of steps to improve on the original design of the Edge as well, creating a phone that is both sleek and highly efficient. A lot of changes have also been made based on complaints that were received regarding last year’s design.


One of the improvements that have been made the S7 has to do with the phones battery life. A lot of users complained about the S7, claiming that it had a very poor battery life that did not allow users to maintain heavy use for a significant period of time. This was a major problem, as most of Samsung’s competitors, Apple included, offered better battery life, making this problem an important one to tackle for the South Korean tech giant.


Samsung has handled this problem well with the new S7. Both iterations of the phone have significantly improved battery life from their predecessors, allowing users around 12 hours of heavy use for the S7 and 14 hours of heavy use for the S7 Edge. This will allow users to use their phones with a lot more comfort as they will not have to worry about finding a charging port after only a few hours of use.


Another area in which Samsung has improved their latest iteration of their flagship Galaxy line is the camera, although they have done it in a rather unconventional way. Where most companies improve the camera of their smartphone by simple increasing the number of pixels it can capture, Samsung has done something different. It has reduced the number of megapixels the camera can capture from 16 to 12 but has increased the size of the megapixels. This will give the phones camera a much better performance in conditions with low light, while simultaneously allowing it to capture more color.


This is an interesting move, because it shows that Samsung cares more about performance than creating marketing gimmicks. Most companies increase the number of megapixels in order to have something that they can market. Very often, these added megapixels do nothing to improve the performance of the camera, making them little more than gimmicks. Samsung has chosen to actually improve the quality of the camera while potentially losing an angle in the marketing department and this is highly commendable.


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