Samsung is on the verge of launching their new Galaxy Note 8 in late August, and the event would be held in New York, and this is coming after they have just recently released Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones.

Off-course, the release and subsequent marketing of Galaxy S8 smartphone were a huge success, but, it seems that the Korean company is getting ready to show off its new smartphone – the Note 8. It has always been their tradition to make the announcement of major innovation every September, and they intend to release the product into the market this coming September.

Although there are few details concerning the specificity of this new product, according to some report, it is expected that the phone would have a curved screen that is slightly bigger than the screen of Galaxy S8 which is 6.2-inch. This Note 8 smartphone is said to feature two rear cameras. The impending release of Galaxy Note 8 is a step taken by the Samsung group to enable it lay the disaster that arose from the fiasco of Note 7 behind them.

Due to limited information about Note 8, rumors are surrounding the design of this phone, as Sources has indicated that, the design of Note 8 would not be too different from Galaxy S8, as it will mirror S8. Another report stated that the Note would possess infinity display, while there is an indication that the phone will have a stunning edge-to-edge screen with no physical bezels. It is also reported that Samsung is testing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android Nougat (7.1.1), this means that the smartphone will potentially be launched with Nougat, which is contrary to some report that started that it would be Oreo. Using Nougat (7.1.1) instead of Oreo apparently, means that Note 8 will likely be released before Android Oreo.

Samsung is looking at increasing their shares in the smartphone market, by outshining their competitors; this is why they are unveiling the Galaxy Note 8 before Apple introduces iPhone 8 during Apple’s 10th anniversary.

The introduction of this phone will surely boost the confidence of their teeming customers while trying to woo new ones. The giant tech company, Samsung technologies are looking forward to flooding the market with this product, giving their customers a good return for their money. This innovation further emphasizes the fact that Samsung technology is a key player in the mobile phone industry, their product is user-friendly, have an excellent internal memory, and a quality display size. Their smartphones also have a good battery life, and high pixel camera. So, you should expect this basic features in the upcoming Samsung Note 8; it will have high camera resolution, and you would be able to record quality videos.

Therefore, you should expect that when this phone is finally introduce into the market, it will come with all the euphoria that associate it with all other Samsung products, and it will be available to the world.

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