The gadget-making giant has announced that their Pay customers will now use PayPal as a payment system while using Samsung In-App, online and in their store. Samsung Electronics has on Monday 17th, of July, 2017 announced their most recent partnership with the world’s popular digital payment system, PayPal Holding, incorporation in making their product an effective and acceptable payment method anywhere Samsung Pay is accepted.
With the advent of the PayPal payment method in the Samsung marketing system, Samsung Pay customers in the United States will be the first beneficiaries before other users from the other parts of the world can start effecting the new system soon. Also, with the use of Braintree, another PayPal service, gadget merchants would be able to accept Samsung Pay as a relevant method of payment both online and in-app.
In a bid to serving their customers more, Samsung allows their Samsung Pay users to add their PayPal account to Samsung Pay thus enabling them to make any payment in any store all over the world. Samsung has also promised to make their customers enjoy other benefits like gift cards, membership and loyalty cards.
Recently, Samsung Pay has now become the most widely accepted mobile money platform in the digital money market due to its efficiency anywhere a swipe card or tap card is possible. The PayPal wallet can now make users to conveniently enjoy the use of the Samsung Pay.
Not only will this development benefit the Samsung products buyers, sellers are also going to enjoy the availability of the Braintree Direct to accept the Samsung Pay as a payment system relieving their customers of the stress of the previous rigorous payment system that lacks a smooth and fast experience.
The strategic partnership between the two big guns is expected to positively benefit customers from the two organizations as PayPal users will now be able to use their PayPal wallet for offline payments in any Samsung Pay accredited center while Samsung customers can fully utilize PayPal’s Braintree assets for online checkout.
“We are excited to be partnering with PayPal, one of the largest payment platforms in the world, to offer our global consumers a richer mobile wallet experience. This partnership furthers our commitment to providing customers with a more convenient payment experience that is simple, secure and available almost anywhere’’ as stated by SaidInjong Rhee, the CTO and Head of R&D, Software and Services of the Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.
The new system, as described by the gadget company is simple, hence customers can make their payments with Samsung Pay by swiping up from the home button, and scanning their fingerprints or verifying with iris scanning- this might be different from the authentication used during the registration to unlock the device, then they can tap the back of their phones on a POS machine in any Samsung Pay accredited store.
Users can now no longer worry about the security of their money in case a misplace of device occurs, the Find My Mobile (FMM) that allows a remote lock of any Samsung Pay account with a preset password.

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