Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: Everything you need to know about


Samsung is the most used and selling smartphone brand in the world. Recently, after having issues with their flagship device Galaxy Note 7. The company is all set to release their new phone next year with up gradation with the software as well as the hardware. The new one will be called Galaxy S8 according to the names of all the predecessors. In this article, we will disclose all the rumors and news leaked till now about the all new upcoming smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8.

Releasing Date Rumors

The first thing to discuss is the releasing date of S8. Well, while looking at the previous history of the company for launching their products. A possible date would be in between February and March. But April would be the confirmed releasing month as they had already showcased their S series flagship in the next MWC tradeshow. It means we all can see the new phone in action from February or April of 2017.

Galaxy S8 Features

The company might be planning something new this time regarding the design of the mobile. A Korean rumor revealed that Samsung is going to remove Home button from the front of the screen to have a bigger screen. The home button functionality will get integrated inside of the display. The idea is same as rumored about the upcoming iPhone 8. The bezels would be smaller than the predecessor flagship.

Now let’s talk about the display. There are rumors that maybe we will get 4K display screen. There is a clear indication that the size of the display would be more than 5 inches. A Korean rumor claims that there will be two variants available one with 5.7 inch and second with 6.2 inches’ screen. Also, the screen will have 4K resolution.

There are also rumors that the phone will only have the curved-edge variant and not a flat screen model. As the executive of Samsung said in an interview that flat screen days are gone, and people are in love with curved-edge devices. This statement shows the interest of the company in manufacturing curved-edge devices.

The processors will get upgraded to the latest models available. There are two variants of predecessor Galaxy S7 having Snapdragon processor and Exynos 8890 processor. In the upcoming model, we will also have the same processors with their latest models along with latest GPU’s.

Camera and Battery

The smartphones of Samsung always impress their customers with great camera results. In the predecessor, there was dual pixel technology introduced in which focus speed become faster because of the increment in pixel counter as there were two photodiodes instead of only one. So, we would expect dual lens camera along with better performance and reasonable low lighting photos.

There will be auto-focus available on the front facing camera of Galaxy S8. There are fewer phones having auto-focus in their front facing cameras. The battery will get better, and you will have USB-Type C port for fast charging.


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