The bizarre experience of 2016 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s is still very much prevalent in our minds. Apple regards 2016 as a profitable year quoting a profit of $6 Billion and thus cannot be said for Samsung with the mirage of court cases, open letters, and phone explosions; to an extent,  some airline operatives banned the phone so as not to compromise client’s safety. Amidst these misfortunes of the Galaxy Note 7 series, one cannot help but appreciate the beauty of the phone with its numerous features like enhanced bezels which make the phone very portable given it an aesthetic look and also, the introduction of Bixby digital support platform.

Although, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 designs and functions have not been officially made public, but Samsung recently uploaded a body design in its  Exynos Twitter account (,) which is widely believed to be the body design of the Galaxy Note 8, 5 back panel, dual sim and with a super AMOLED screen . It has relatively no buttons on the side and has come under lots of critics and applauds.

Samsung Note 8 is rumored to come with a bigger pixel (1.55um) compare to the other Samsung series which tends to give you a much clearer, sharper, and elegant image display. It is much slimmer (6.3 inches) and fits perfectly in your hand when using it. It is also rumored to have a corning gorilla glass protection for a safer guard when dropped.

The former Samsung series was infused with the facial recognition technology but has lots of lapses because the image can be manipulated.  However, with the rumored 3D camera features, this will perfect this program and thus provide a much more secure Galaxy experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 series have been fervently anticipated to curb the irregularities of the 2016 Note 7s and thus most of the Galaxy Note 7 series defaults were ascribed to a faulty battery as reported by Samsung. With the use of a known- removable Li-ion 3300 MAH battery, the problem of fire explosions will be a thing of the past. It will last longer, more compatible, and mostly explosions free.

It is also believed that the phone will be IP68 certified, which will make the Samsung Note 8 series to be water resistant, and also dust proof.

Reasons why Samsung must not fail

  • Reputation: Samsung as a brand has been known to be sincere and has created a niche for itself in the Smartphone industry and anything less of an improved product will create a damp to their integrity.
  • Returns: Though amidst the incidents of the Galaxy Note 7s in 2016, the Samsung market in Asia recorded an extensive turnover. Therefore, people still believe that Samsung will only get better due to the fascinating Smartphone experience they have been enjoying over the years and anything less than better will affect its market tremendously.
  • Competitive: For Samsung to be relevant and competitive in the market it has to bring a better Smartphone experience because Apple has done very well in enhancing its product to be highly c Apple’s modified Siri provides the user an exotic experience into the world of Smart phones.
  • Investors: If Samsung fails to be at the leading front in phone technology and are recording low turnover, it, therefore, indicates that there will be low returns and this might affect investment negatively.

In a compendium, Samsung as a brand has a lot to gain in manufacturing an up to date, competitive, and a more reliable Galaxy Note series. With the body language we are witnessing; we are sure to see nothing less.

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