Though most users of Microsoft’s Edge have been really speculative if the mobile version will also support extensions since the web browser is an ecumenical app, the software giant which has been working on bringing extension support to Edge browser on the Windows 10 Mobile, now brings to its customers an updated browser with extensions support.
Microsoft Edge may not have provided certain features that permit extension support for the scores of its mobile users, but that so far has not hindered adventurous developers from making use of the mobile browser. The enhanced Coc Coc browser specifically for windows phone now allow support for special extensions precisely a video extension that allows users to obtain videos from well-known favorite sites.
The app now comes with improved unique features such as autofill, support for dark theme as well as support for gestures, among others.
The web browser has the following descriptions:
A download manager function: Which sees to the task of downloading files from the web for storage, this function also helps in accelerating download speed.
A captivating and friendly user interface(UI): The Coc Coc browser comes with a user interface with improved screen display and general appearance /layout alongside credulous command lists as well as a simplified graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it user friendly.
Smart search: The Microsoft’s Edge mobile browser prevents time wastage as it aids time saving by recommending relevant enquiry options while you are typing.
An Autofill: This extension enables users to fill out regularly imputed details in a web form, this details can be the user’s postal address, full name, e-mail address, or credit card details as well as other information with just a click.
A password manager: This feature assists in generating and retrieving complex passwords, the passwords are stored in an encrypted database or calculated on demand; it stores user’s login details for all websites visited and helps log into them automatically the next time the sites are visited.
Night Mode: The night mode is an extension that enables change in the screen’s luminosity- Day/Night mode while you surf the internet; its main purpose is to reduce the screen’s brightness lower than one can achieve with the phone’s default setting; this extension prevents the eyes from getting hurt when the screen backlight is too bright as it provides an overlay filter that functions as dimmer and darkens the screen to the user’s choice.
The above descriptive features among others are the newly improved features that make up the extensions supported by the Microsoft’s mobile browser which is one such third party browser. Users of the app around the globe have been enjoying the benefits of the upgraded Edge browser especially its night mode and its ability to download videos from popular sites.
Though some of the Microsoft’s Edge browser users believes that third party extensions will not be accepted, majority are optimistic as they strongly believe that this is not the end but just the start as they are hopeful that more amazing mobile extensions are still to come.


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