LG Action Cam LTE For Broadcasting Live Adventures


LG is well known for producing great products in the field of electronics. The company has introduced a new product which is known as LG Action Cam LTE. This action camera is a robust camera which is capable of streaming all the action live. If you love to do extreme sports like skydiving and mountain biking, then you will be thinking to take the action live with the help of the camera. Before LG, the previous option was GO Pro Hero which is a popular action camera. LG is trying to capture that market by introducing their own new camera LTE for broadcasting the adventure live. This is included in the so-called “LG Friends” portfolio and also as an accessory for new smartphones from LG. The latest smartphone released by LG is G5.

If you want to use this camera then, there is no need to connect it with any smartphone. The LG Action Cam comes with a built-in antenna which is capable of connecting GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. So, it means that you don’t need anything more than this camera for streaming your live adventure or event. By using a mobile data connection, you can easily live stream on YouTube or any other streaming place by using this gadget.

LG is providing a perfect solution to the problem of all people who love to broadcast their outdoor activities. It is best for them as you will only need a data connection to stream videos. If there is any place, where no permanent internet connection is available, then you can use this camera as our security camera.

Here are some of the features and specifications of LG Action Cam LTE.


The LG Action Cam comes along with a complementary case which will help you to protect it from the weather. This camera can be used underwater as it is totally waterproof. It is dust and waterproof up to the depth of 1 meter.

High-Resolution Camera

Let’s start discussing the camera used in this gadget. It is equipped with a 12.3-megapixel camera for capturing your moments into pictures and videos. It is capable of recording 4k full HD videos from the camera. But if you are willing to do live streaming, then the resolution will be not 4k. The resolution for live streaming is Full HD, not Ultra HD. If you are in a place, where there is no LTE network available. Then it can work on 3G network as well for capturing moments.

High Frame Rate For Slow Motion

If you want to capture stunts in slow motion, then it is the best camera for shooting. In ultra HD resolution, the video can be recorded at 30fps. In full HD, video can be recorded at 60fps. But in 720p, the video can be recorded at 120fps. There is a battery of 1400mAh in the camera along with Micro-SD card support. It can support memory card up to 2 terabytes.


From June of this year, it will be available in South Korea and after that, it will be available in the US and European countries. The price is not yet revealed by LG for their LG Action CAM LTE.

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