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Apple Going One Step Further

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Apple is a company always known for producing some of the best devices on the entire planet. May it be the notebooks or phones? According to a press release last Tuesday, Apple is planning to unveil the remake of iPhone 5 as iPhone 5se. This will have a 4 inches screen and the same price tag of $450 as the iPhone 5 but it will equipped with a faster processor and will support apple pay. “It’ll have the guts of a current phone but in a smaller size,” these were the words of Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst. A new Apple phone is currently unlikely. Apple is also introducing the next generation of iPad Air on the same event. The suggested date is March the 5th 2016. It may be changed in that case Apple will announce it online.


Hyperloop Coming to reality

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Hyperloop is probably coming into being faster than we think. This is a new system of transportation. Moving vehicles at extremely high speeds inside depressurized passages called hyperloops. The Hyperloop will introduce a new era of safe and swift journey. According to the latest news, a team of researchers from MIT have won the international competition of Hyperloop. The team of MIT was able to demonstrate Hyperloop on a practical scale. Their design was safe in braking, levitation and magnetics. It is foreseen that this will soon become the future of transportation.


T-Mobile is the Winner of Internet Speed

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According to the report of OpenSignal released last Tuesday, T-Mobile is the best internet service provider in the US. The 4G LTE speed of T-Mobile is measured to be the best in the US market. Verizon was ahead of T-Mobile lately but T-Mobile has overtaken them with a slight edge.

Starry to Provide Speedy Internet Access

Starry has announced the project decibel. The project is the first experiment of deploying millimeter waves for consumer transmission of data. The first transmission will start in Boston in a beta phase and it is hope to have a 1 GB speed with no bugs or speed shortages.

3D Printing A hope for Broken Hearts

3D printers are much like a toy for most of people. A toy which can create more toys like itself. The 3D printers are used by people to print things for fun. But the latest news from researchers suggests that the 3D prints will be pumping blood in our veins soon. Technology is being developed to print a working human heart with the 3D printers. We hope no one dies of Myocardial infarction.

The Next Generation of Smart Watches

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Samsung has recently announced that they are releasing new S2 gears. These will look like the classic analogue watches. But it will be equipped with the latest sensors like heart beat and pulse sensor to monitor all the vital body processes. The watch will be much like a personal assistant.


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