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It has been a while since 4G is the fastest mobile internet. Now AT&T is planning to increase the speed of internet by the factors of 10 to 100 and it will be made possible by the use of millimeter wave technology and software defined networking. The technology will be tested very soon and commercial ventures will start by the end of 2016. It was said by AT&T officials in a recent press release on the last Friday.

To make it possible, AT&T is collaborating with Intel and Ericsson. All the three companies will work together to bring the 5G technology to reality. The plan is to make the upgrade possible without making changes in the hardware. It will be done by developing a strong software networking facility. The companies plan to make the technology available on test basis in the second quarter of 2016. Extensive research is going on in this respect.

The Difficulties in The Project:

It is a proven fact that there is no place worth going without a difficult path. It is not an ordinary thing to deliver the speeds as high as a gigabit to the users. To create a mobile broadband of that capability will be quite a task even for the companies like AT&T, Intel and Ericsson. “Some of the things AT&T will be testing for are power and performance in rain or other disruptive weather conditions, like cold,” these were the words of Fletcher Cook, Assistant Vice-President of global media communications at AT&T. “If it goes well in the summer, you could start seeing point-to-point limited commercial availability for limited fixed broadband soon after,” Cook told the media. Further elaborating the point, Cook said that they will not start a commercial venture as long as it is not tested in all weather conditions. AT&T will always make it sure that everything it delivers to the customers is flawless.

Why the Need of 5G:

The new technologies like 4K and 8K three dimensional videos and latest multiplayer games are becoming more and more demanding and the recent mobile internet cannot cope with the needs. It is must to have a network that delivers speeds beyond all the limits. Another thing is to facilitate the upcoming connected cars on which the research is going on at Google. Moreover, Cook said that the reality of feature will be virtual reality and in order to bring this reality into reality, it is must to have the internet with that much speeds. Putting it in the words of Cook “The introduction of a 5G network would definitely accelerate the mass adoption of virtual reality because it gets content to people faster. One of the biggest bottlenecks we face in live-streaming VR content is data speeds, so I can see this really alleviating that.” There are yet more discoveries to be made into the realm of internet discoveries, and 5G is not the end of it! Infact, it is just the tip of what technologies are about to come; the virtual world has only just begun.


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