The iPhone XR was also announced at the Apple event. This is the entry-level family of the iPhone X for $ 749. With the A12 chip, the same wide-angle camera as the XS and the use of Face ID to unlock and motion controls to replace the start button, the iPhone, although only the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units it is being replaced, are probably still in the Apple wallet. From the press release:

The iPhone XR integrates the powerful Bionic A12 chip with the next generation neural engine, the TrueDepth camera system, Face ID and an advanced camera system that creates spectacular portraits with a single camera lens.

Price and pre-order

Pre-orders for the iPhone XS and XS Max are open today (Friday, September 14). Commercial releases begin on Friday, September 21 in the United States – other areas may vary. In contrast to last year, the most expensive device is the first you buy and the iPhone XR, cheaper, can be ordered next month, pre-order Friday 19 October to Friday 26 October in the store. Although production delays on the LCD are the practical reason for the XR’s delay, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus went on sale last year for the iPhone X, which is sales by telephone. This situation is reversed this year.


If you wanted a technological moment at the Apple event, you had to have your own wrist and launch the Apple Watch 4. A larger screen, a more powerful speaker and improved cellular reception were solid updates. The real novelty was the inclusion of an ECG monitor approved by the FDA.

Design and screen

If you asked most people what upgrade they prefer on their Apple Watch, most would say they would want them to be present or have a big screen. Well, they will not get the first, regardless of the number of patents for the more completed models that Apple has, but that is materialized. The design of the Apple Watch 4 is very similar to what many hoped for: it is based on the previous four models (the first watch has been remastered and re-edited, remember), but it is now slightly larger, as you can see on the side.


Over the years, Apple Watch has grown in courage as a fitness device, with more and more advanced tracking for your races and bikes, connection with individual fitness equipment and monitoring of your time. The Apple Watch 4 has an improved tracking system to check the stroke of your ticker, using an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor for the best results in a medical scenario. Of course, it is still not certified as a medical device, but it can provide better reports on what you may want to check.


The battery life of the Apple Watch 4 is further enhanced by the presence of the new S4 chipset, which increases efficiency and, it seems, Apple finds a bit more battery by the number of other components. Apple now claims that its Watch 4 battery life remains high at 18 hours for use throughout the day, although it is a bit disappointing and lags behind at the levels claimed by others as Samsung or special devices.