The future is here, the much anticipated iPhone X series has finally arrived, and the rumored jingles can now be squashed to pave the way for an exotic experience with this fantastic new product from Apple. Apple is known for its brand’s ability to be unique and dynamic; the iPhone X series isn’t any different from Apple precedents of delivering on expectations.

Do you know that the iPhone experience started ten years ago, and here comes the iPhone X?

Apple iPhone X series is without the usual iconic home screen button; at first, I did not envisage the possibility of this, but apple has a way of calling you stupid. This only means that mechanical buttons are dead and just a single swipe takes you to your iPhone X home screen, defining a new experience with your devices. The Apple’s  iPhone X comes with a more responsive touch screen, which can be ascribed to the enhancement of the ios11. It takes the experience with Siri to a whole new definition and a much better and faster internet speed experience. Now let me give you a little insight on the physical appearance of the Apples iPhone X new devices, according to Jony Ive; Apples Chief Design Officer, the custom OLED panel of the iPhone X Was engineered to fold seamlessly and combine with the external surfaces. The Apple new product naturally subtly interacts with the environment; the OLED entails better colors and the conformity of images across the screen.

What about the battery life of the new iPhone X?

Deducing from the words of Eddy Cue; Apples Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, the Apple’s iPhone X has an additional 2 hours battery life, though it is a drop in the ocean. But it is reassuring that the behemoth phone companies understand that there is a need for an improved life span of the batteries to enable for a better, and a  long experience of the innovation.

The iPhone x design comes with a polish Stainless Steel band, which helps to reinforce the water resistant and all glass designs. Hence, protecting your most adored iPhone x from water and dust penetration. Also, for the first time, wireless charging is possible, but this is not the first time as androids have introduced it, but the beauty is that it is compatible with all Apples launched a new product as at Tuesday comprising of the new Apple watch series 3, iPhone 8 and 8 plus. Due to the competition of an already established wireless charging, Apple decided to up the antics, with the introduction of Air power accessory that allows you to charge about three devices simultaneously.

  Do you know that the iPhone X series gives you 50 percent in 30 minutes?

The new iPhone x and iPhone 8 and 8 plus are built to charge faster, thus giving you about 50 percent in 30 mins.

The Apple iPhone X is fused with a facial technology ID system, which is sure to provide you with a better data security system. It is made possible with the uniqueness of the depth camera system, that is embedded with a depth sensing technology, which maps the unique geometry of your face with over 30,000 invisible dots thus the data is analysed by the neural engine on A11 bionic chip, which makes it possible for the iPhone X series to recognize your face even in the dark. It might interest to know that this innovative little devil will be able to adapt to your physical changes; be it wearing glasses, or hats. Hence, it keeps tabs on your metamorphosis into old age, so invariably with just a look; you can authenticate your phone and use apple pay. Apple implied that the facial recognition ID makes it one in a million for anyone to access your devices compared to the one in fifty thousand for touch screen ID sensors.

The introduction of the newly Emoji by Apple makes messaging a lot of fun; it will make able for you to scan your face and your expression will match in a short animation clip. It is made possible by mapping more than 50 facial muscles in real time. This exotic design comes with an edge to edge 5.8 inch OLED display, and the resolution screen is referred to as a super retina experience and it an all glass design.

How does the Apple’s iPhone X protect your facial identity?

The iPhone X facial recognition luxury cannot be fooled by flat photos which were what lead to the ruin of Samsung’s introduction of facial recognition technology. But with the 3D camera which is highly sensitive, makes it difficult for the facial recognition security identification to be bypassed. Also, the behemoth phone company hinted that the device would not store your face on scans in the iPhone cloud but rather on an encrypted segment of the phone, hence making it easy for you to be recognized.

According to Tim Cook, when asked how Apple has helped in changing the world, he just replied through our products. The sole aim of innovations is for a better human experience and living. With Apple’s new iPhone x, your Smartphone experience will be ethereal.

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