Apple has always been at the frontier of new age technology in Smartphone innovations. Before the 2017 WWDC events, there have been lots of speculations about the designs, functions, and speed of Apples new iPhone 8 (or iPhone 10 or iPhone x; no particular name model has been ascribed to it yet). According to a tweet by Steve t-s via his tweeter handle, he stated that the existence of infrared face unlocked biometric kits in the upcoming 2017 iPhones’ new series, though this is not the first time we have heard of facial recognition technology been immersed with smart phones. Samsung tried it in their clap trap Galaxy Note 7, and till date, it has not been perfectly enhanced with mobile phone usage.

Apple’s iphone8 features have a lot of pleasant experience in the offing and glamorously imbibing. It is believed to have an upgraded storage and memory probably at 64GB and 3GB of random access memory, which allows you to save as many data as possible. With the 5.8 inch edge to edge OLED display rather than the LCD, it sure will enhance display experience. It is believed to come with the much-anticipated IOS11 with guaranteed higher speed and internet efficiency. According to Ming -Chi Kuo the apple iphone8 series is adopting a glass body moving away from aluminum; it is speculated to be water resistant and the introduction of the facial recognition technology for an enhanced personal security.

In 2013, German chaos computer club claimed to have been able to bypass apple iPhone touch ID security; this tends to libel apple which one of its integrated marketing points is the safety of personal information. However, with this innovation of iOS 11 and with the fusion of facial identification technology it will help to provide more practical defense to hacking.

Benefits of the facial recognition technology

  • It will be more effective and efficient in security assurance compared to the apple touch ID
  • It can go into sleep mode if the user is not within the area.
  • Due to the lesser work load, it will help the apple iphone8 2017 series to speed up booting.
  • It uses an image sensor for detecting either the skin or tone.
  • This will be possible with the introduction of the 3D camera which is likely to favor the feasibility of this software.

This article is based on published patent and thus represents to an extent the potency of the iPhone if eventually Apple decides to use the facial recognition technology. Though with figures released at WWDC events it is crucial to state apples’ iPhone series tends to be the major contribution of returns, and thus Apple management will eventually employ tactics to make the product competitive in the market. Apple quoted to have made $6 billion in 2016, and there are cases of Apple iPhone series fizzling out in the market, and this will resuscitate its hold in the industry. Therefore, this development will have an incredible impact to advance phone usage.

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