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With the invention of Tapplock, the age of conventional locks is now over. Working on the principle of being unlocked through pressing finger against the sensor in it, the Padlock will unlock by matching ad reconfirming the fingerprint. Though there are other locks in the market which can be unlocked with the smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But With the basic model just priced at 29 dollars, this fool proof lock provides the best of security. The larger one is available at some 49 dollars, providing better security. The larger one comes with the additional advantage of serving as a battery pack, if you ever need to recharge your phone’s battery. The Tapplock unlocks in a mere 0.8 seconds after recognizing our fingerprint, which is an impressive feat.

An alarm sounds if someone tampers with it, or tries to open it without authorization. Recognizing up to 200 prints, the Tapplock comes with the feature of customizing access times, location and duration. I had a few initial concerns, including that the Tapplock will fail to recognize my fingerprint, though there’s an option to unlock it using a smartphone.

There was also the constant worrying of the battery malfunction. It seems that is a point of concern for the creator as well, as you can receive smartphone notifications prompting you to charge your lock. The Tapplock will close if battery dies, and remain closed until charged within external source. It may not be an easy activity if you are keeping your garden shed secure!

The price is low; hence Tapplock has that appeal for sure. An uneven dual stack of books almost spelled disaster for my delicate laptop, and though a cheap Ikea table perched on my dining table worked well, it wasn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing solution. So it may be time to invest in a solution that is a powered standing desk designed for that specific purpose. The height can be adjusted from 0.5 inches to 20.75 inches at a single touch.

Although slightly expensive, as you have to pay for keyboard accessory if you don’t want to strain your arms, but still works. I have been working on standing desks easily switchable between different heights. Chances are I will get lazy and spend most of my time using it sitting down. The option will be there. The date, time, new and headlines are displayed; and is powered with a Fire TV Stick running an Android APK. With the electronics stored inside the medicine cabinet, the display is few millimeters thick.

It’s both a revelation and a clear indicator of where home technology is heading, with connected devices pervading our homes and providing us with access to information we’re looking for at every turn. Placing that information in a mirror is a smart way for us to learn what’s happening in the world while readying ourselves for the day or for bed. I’m not certain I’d much use a smart mirror myself, as I’m not one for looking at my own face longer than I have to, but I’m excited about the idea, and the types of products we might see along these lines in the next few years.

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