How To Optimize MacBook Pro To Enhance Performance?

If you have just bought new Apple MacBook or using it for a while. Then read this article till the end as you will get to know about the tips through which you can enhance the performance and working of your device. MacBook Pro comes with powerful features along with long lasting battery but after some time, your device will start slowing down considerably. By applying the following techniques and tricks, you will be able to optimize your device to get enhanced and better performance.

Reduce Transparency

The first tip to optimize your MacBook pro is to reduce the transparency. There are many elements which enhance the visual appearance of the operating system. For example, there are transitional effects for menus and title bars. These all look great but obviously they will require more processing power and will consume more memory space. So, these graphics processing will result in putting a load on the CPU and RAM. It also hurts your battery timing. For reducing transparency, you can go to System preferences. Now click on Accessibility. You will be able to see a checkbox with the text Reduce Transparency. Just check that box and that’s it.

Change Your Browser

The most used and popular web browser in the market is Google Chrome and second best is Mozilla Firefox. They both are available to download without any cost on different platforms including Windows and Mac OS. But you may not have heard about the fact that these popular browsers consume more amount of memory and processing power as compared with your MacBook Pro own Safari browser. Google chrome eats up system resources which affect the battery timing of your laptop. In Safari, there is a power saving feature which will help your device to reduce the amount of power consumption while surfing the internet. According to the company itself, your battery will have 2 hours more backup if you use Safari as your browser instead of any other one available in the market.

Clean Your Desktop

Everything residing on your desktop will be stored in the memory of your laptop. For example, if you have plenty of photographs, files, music videos etc. on your desktop. Then there will be more power consumption. Because each time you comes back to the desktop after opening any application, each icon on the desktop will have to be redrawn. So, in result, there will be more power and memory consumption. By cleaning your desktop, you will be able to optimize your MacBook pro.

Check The Drive

The last but not the least tip to optimize your performance in MacBook pro is to check for hard drive issues if there are any. After installing a new OS version or installing updates, you may get some bad sectors or deleted files problem in your hard drive. All of these issues will result in slowing down the performance of your laptop. So, always check the drive. You can check by doing to Applications, then Utilities and then to Disk Utility. Here in disk utility, you can select any drive to verify the disk. Click on verify. If any error occurs, then you will get a repair disk option. Click on it to resolve the issue.

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