How To Optimize iPhone Battery To Last Longer?

The use of smartphones in our daily life is increasing day by day. There are many smartphone manufacturing companies producing quality devices for their customers. When it comes to premium build quality and excellent camera results, the only name comes to mind is iPhone. It is one of the most talked and used smartphone in the world along with its rival Samsung Galaxy. Your smartphone will be your great companion if it has the battery. But if its battery is dead, then the device is useless. Here are the following tips and tricks which can help you to optimize iPhone battery to last longer.

Turn On Low Power Mode

If you are using latest iOS version, then you can take advantage of this great feature in iPhone devices. By turning on low power mode, these functions will be turned off temporarily like Siri functions, background application refresh and automatic downloads etc. You can turn on this feature by going to Settings menu and then to Battery. In the battery, you will be able to see Low Power Mode. Turn the toggle on or off according to your need.

Turn Off iCloud

If automatically synchronization of your data is turned on to iCloud, then your mobile data, as well as the battery drainage, will be increased. The method of backing up your important pictures is important and useful but there may be some pictures which are not important to be backed up. You can always take a look at iCloud settings by going to Settings menu on your iPhone.

Kill “Hey Siri”

It is a useful trick to turn it off in order to get optimized battery results if you are not using “Hey Siri” feature. By doing so, you will be able to increase your battery timing. The process of turning this feature on or off is simple. Just proceed to Settings menu, then go to General settings. In general settings, you will be able to see Siri. Here you can turn Hey Siri on or off.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Another useful trick to optimize iPhone battery to last longer is by turning off background app refresh feature. Go to Settings, then tap on General. In general settings, you will be able to see a feature called “Background App Refresh”. Tap on it and check the complete list. The list will have all the applications which are updating automatically in the background and draining your battery life. Just check all the applications one by one and turn this feature off for all the applications which you don’t need to get updated in the background. Be ruthless this time with the applications which you don’t need or use quite often, and turn them off.

By turning off background app refresh means that they will not run, when you are not using them. But whenever you start using them, they will work fine and normal.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The last but not the least tip to optimize your iPhone battery to last longer is to reduce your screen brightness. The brighter the screen, the more battery will be consumed. Always set your brightness level to the lowest level in order to get the maximum battery.