How To Manage Your Broadband Consumption?

Are you worried about the bandwidth provided by your ISP? Are you getting the actual speed for which you are paying? All these are common questions in today’s digital world. If you have limited GBs available or high data cap, you should check whether you are receiving the exact amount of speed or not. It is a real world problem to engage every device connected to the network to get full-fledged internet connectivity without any issue.  You may have experienced bad video streaming or constant lags while playing online games. To all these problems, in this article, you will get to know how you can get the actual thing for which you are paying to your ISP.

Check Internet Speed

The first thing to check in order to manage your broadband connection is the speed of your internet connection. Because the speed will be the major impact while watching anything live or streaming services like Netflix. So, the first step is to check the speed of the internet to make sure that you are getting the actual speed for which you are paying your Internet service provider.

Now the question arise that how you can check your connection internet speed? Well, for this purpose there are many third party sites which can easily measure your internet speed with accuracy. The most common one is Ookla’s speed test website. It will provide you the detailed report about your internet connection with downloading and uploading speeds.

How Much Bandwidth Is Sufficient?

The ISP’s provide bandwidth for the whole network and not for each device connected to your network. For example, if you are having a plan of downloading speed up to 20 Mbps. Then it means that all the devices connected to your network will not get 20Mbps speed separately. They will have speed shared among all of the device connected to the network. I would suggest you to have 2.0 Mbps downloading speed for general usage per device and 5.0 Mbps for every HD streaming device. If you have two devices and each is used for HD streaming, then 10Mbps downloading speed will be better.

Monitor Your Usage

While you have a data cap, then you should track the bandwidth used by each device connected to your network. This can be done by using any software like BitMeter OS which is a free and open source program to monitor the usage of internet bandwidth within your network. By monitoring the usage, you can handle the network accordingly.

Utilize QoS To Distribute Bandwidth

Almost all routers have the quality of service feature in them. By using this feature, you can give high priority to more sensitive applications or services like VoIP calling and video streaming etc. The settings for QoS differ for each router.

Optimize The Network Speed

The last but not the least point in managing your broadband consumption is to take necessary steps for optimizing your network speed. You should connect the devices and computers by using Ethernet cable to get optimized and fast speed.

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