How to make sure your Instagram is secured?

Instagram is the most used social networking application which is getting more popularity day by day. It is a social media network where the prime focus is about pictures and videos. We use these sites more often. However, the security and privacy of our accounts are the major concerns in all social networking sites. In this article, we will discuss the ways through which you can secure your Instagram account. The focus of the post will be related to the privacy of your profile and its content.

Here are the simple steps which you can follow to make sure that your profile and its content is secure.

Hide Location

The first simple method to make your account on Instagram secure and private is to hide location. Sometimes, you don’t want all of your pictures to get shared with geo data to all strangers. So, to remove the location information from your previously posted posts in Instagram. You should open the post first and then tap of the three dots visible at the top right side of the screen of your mobile phone. Now from the menu, select Edit option. Now in these options, tap on the option labeled as “Location information” and select Remove location from the options.

You can also limit Instagram to reveal your location for all future posts. In iPhone, you can do that by tapping to Settings menu from the phone. Then go to privacy and then move forward into Location services. Now scroll down until you see Instagram. Tap on the application icon, and you will get options to choose from. Select never to restrict your iPhone from revealing your location while posting anything on Instagram.

Block Creepy Users

As in all social networking sites, there is blocking option available. So, you can also prevent anyone in Instagram which is making you uncomfortable. By blocking that user will make sure that all your future posts will get hide from that user. For blocking someone, navigate to the profile of that person and tap on block user to get it blocked.

Approve Tagging Manually

By default, there is no restriction for anyone to tag you in their posts. So, when someone tags you in anything, it will be added to your profile automatically. You can change the settings to approve each tag manually instead of accepting automatically. Which can get done by reaching settings section in the application.

Limit Hashtag Usage

If you want your photos and videos to be private and don’t want them to get public. Then you should limit your usage of hashtag while posting stuff on the social media. When you add any hashtag with your post, then your post will be visible in that hashtag page along with other posts having the same hashtag.

Go Private

The last but not the least option to make sure your Instagram is secured is to make your profile private. You can do this by going into settings of the Instagram. Then move the switch showing in front of private account text.

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