How Samsung Plans To Steal Apple’s Users


It may interest you to know that Samsung is currently ‘cooking’ plans to steal users from Apple. But how?

Galaxy S7 is the new phone Samsung is planning to release (it is stated to be released next year) and Samsung plans to make the price 10% cheaper than its S6. This is aimed at stealing more of the market from Apple.

The device is yet to be announced officially (Samsung plans to announce the details of the new smartphone next year). However, analysts reported that it will be 10 percent cheaper than the current galaxy S6 smartphone.

The design of the Galaxy S7 is expected to comprise a curved screen coupled with a 3D Touch interface just like that of Apple’s iPhone 6S. Although Galaxy S6 experienced an increase in the sales of its phones, it is determined to tackle and win the competition posed by cheaper devices such as Moto X Style (made by Motorola) and Honor 7 (made by Huawei). Samsung (based in Korea) won a series of awards after redesigning the Galaxy S6 when compared to previous generations.

As a result of this reduction in price, there has been lots of speculations around this smartphone. As reported by Times of India, Pan Jiutang (who happens to be a China-based analyst) predicted that the next-generation handset to be released by Samsung will have a lower price than its previous model.

The 32GB Galaxy S6 is currently sold for $559 (559 pounds) and the 128GB model is sold for $800 (719 pounds). By calculation, it means the envisaged ten percent reduction in price for Galaxy S7 will amount to around $503 (559 pounds) and $720 (647 pounds). The price will definitely be dictated by the model.

It was also rumored that Snapdragon 820 chip will be used at the heart of Galaxy S7. This has generated quite a number of excitements. The chip will feature heat pipes that will help in cooling the device. Tests conducted on the chip also revealed that it can provide impressive performance.

In order to build on the success it achieved with the curved screen on the S6, it was revealed by recent patents that Samsung is planning to develop screens that can be bent and folded.

Given the speed the S6 has been released after the last redesign, it is expected that the design of Galaxy S7 will likely be similar to that of S6.

Both Apple and Samsung have been wrestling with each other in courts since 2010. In August 2012, Apple won 1 billion dollars (about 663 million pounds) as fine for damages. This was later reduced. Samsung agreed to pay Apple 538 million dollars (about 356 million pounds) as fine for infringing on Apple’s patents and designs.

Judging from the features (from the fold-able and bendable screen to the 3D Touch interface to the Snapdragon chip) that will come with the proposed Samsung S7, the smartphone will definitely be a game changer. Expect its release next year.

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