How Doze And App Standby Increase Battery Life In Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

After every new update in the android version tweaks done to make the working and overall performance of the software useful and bugs free. But Google was not focusing on the issue of battery drainage quickly in smartphones. This time with the release of Marshmallow 6.0, they finally took battery life issue seriously and assure their users that this time battery life would be improved. There are two new features added in the software called Doze and App standby. Let’s start discussing how these features can increase the battery life of Android smartphone.


First of all, let’s begin our topic with Doze. Once you get updated to the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow or you get the new device running that version of android. Then you will start noticing the impact of Doze on your smartphone. This features is activated by Google as by default and not allowed to modify the working of this feature. What does this feature do to increase your phone battery life?

Whenever your screen will be off for 30 minutes or so, then this mode will be turned on automatically. This mode will only get activated when the phone is not charging. In charging mode, it will not get into this mode after 30 minutes of off-screen time. When this mode will be turned on, all the application on your device will have no network access. There will be no background task allowed to run. It means that your device will be somehow useless if you are not using it after 30 minutes. But high priority push messages will still show up and you will get notifications for that.

There is something important to know about Doze is that it will only work when your device is stationary means smartphone is placed on the table or desk or something. It will not be turned on when your phone is in your pocket and walking here and there.

App Standby

You might not notice the effect of App standby on the overall performance of the smartphone. But it will make a great impact on the battery life. Basically, the major difference between Doze and App Standby is that Doze is concerned with all the application on your device. But App Standby will only affect the applications which you are using very often.

Suppose you have installed junk application in your smartphone and forget to uninstall them. So, App Standby will help you in this situation. As this feature will make the app in standby mode when you do not use it for a week or so. After getting into Standby mode, the applications will lose all network access and background synchronization.

So, wrapping it all. Both the features are the great addition to Android Marshmallow. They will help the smartphones to last for a long time than before. You can tweak Doze settings by going to Settings and then into Battery. For changing settings and features of App Standby, you will have to go to developer settings. At the bottom, you will see inactive apps icon from which you can find all the inactive application.

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