How does social networking sites affect our society?


Social sites that connect people around the globe

In the past, the only medium of conversation were letters to convey message to other people but with the advancement in technology telephone replaces this mode of communication. To remain in contact with people an easy mode of communication in form of telephones and computer technology emerged with internet connection. With the internet facility, there comes the origin of social sites.

Social sites are basically computer based websites that provide opportunity for communication, interaction with other people living far away. It builds a platform for people to produce, exchange information, benefits of line of business, concepts, pictures and videos in virtual networks. It is highly dependent on the web based technologies to generate highly interactive way of communication in which different communities take part to share, exchange, discuss, and modify ideas with contribution of different perspectives. These sites are generating considerable and ubtuitous modification in communication within individuals, communities, organisations and businesses. Social sites are different due to high quality, proximity, durability and usability. Social sites are inexpensive and easily accessible electronic mechanism that enables to publish and access information, communicate on a single platform and build relationships.

There are many social sites, most popular sites in the world that are America based but used worldwide Google+, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine. There are other sites that are country specific such as Nexopia in Canada, Badoo, Bebo, Vkontakte in Russia, Delphi, in latvia, Nasza-Klasa in Poland, iWiW in Hungary, Soup in Austria, Glocalsin Switzerland, Skyrock, The Sphere, StudiVZ in Germany, Tagged, Tuenti in Spain, Myspace, Xanga and XING in different parts of Europe, Hi5 in south America, Mxit in Africa, Cyworld, Mixi, Renren, Friendster, Sina Weibo, Wretch in Asia and the Pacific Islands. According to a study conducted in 2013, it is revealed that users in India have covered the major portion of social site. A survey in 2013 found that 73% of US adults use social networking sites.

Social sites are made to connect people who have common interest and activities around the globe. According to the communication theory of uses and gratifications, large population of individual are using social sites to fulfil cognitive, affective, personal integrative, social integrative, and tension free needs. Internet technology serve as a supplement to live up to the needs, in return it is affecting daily life which includes everything such as relationships, family, school, entertainment. Now a days many companies adopted social sites as their way of investigation about the personality and behaviour of employees.

Facebook and other various social sites are the tools for scholarly research. Scholars in different fields started to explore the effect of social sites, examining the ways how such sites play role into matters related to identity, social capital, privacy, youth culture and education.

Many websites are establishing to blow into the influence of social model for philanthropy.  Such models provide opportunities to other small scale industries and organisations which lack resources to reach a large number of interested audiences. Social sites are different ways to communicate with other individuals digitally. Ancient idea engaged in a digital environment, using communities of hypertexts that share ideas and information.


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