Google Glass 2

Google has been working a lot on the virtual reality lately and the truth is they have taken it more serious than the rest of the brand names around. One of the groundbreaking techs that Google was able to introduce recently was the Google Glass. They showed off their project at the beginning of 2015, but we’ve since heard reports that something new is underway. Since the first Google Glass went with the method for the dodo, virtual and expanded reality has struck it huge. It appears Google’s first endeavor at an AR wearable was the wrong gadget at the wrong time, as opposed to the wrong idea. That is the reason we shouldn’t be shocked to discover that the Google Glass venture is still particularly alive. Without a doubt, for a few people, it’s as of now out there. Here’s what you need to know all about the next Google Glass.

Google Glass 2 will be called Google Glass Enterprise Edition. What’s new is more attractive and that is these pair of glasses are this time going to have an all new hinge system and also a wearable battery pack. Allegedly officially it is already accessible by means of Google’s Glass for Work program. The general population adaptation’s date is still a mystery to everyone so right now it is highly expected by the normal consumers. News of the second-era Google Glass began springing up before the first venture was even covered. Back in December 2014, a patent application uncovered outlines for another Google Glass headset. This accompanied a well known fundamental metallic wrap-around configuration, however many segments were repositioned. This news was joined by beginning recommendations that Google was looking to Intel to power Google Glass 2. Although in the way the company had to bid farewell to Google Glassholes, but Google also promised that this wouldn’t be the last we’d hear about the Glass project. And Google actually didn’t get off its promise.

Early looks at the Google Glass Enterprise Edition uncover a comparative gadget to the first Explorer Edition. It will at present incorporate a clearer display and it will be bigger as well, a camera, and a touchpad for operation that will be joined to a little casing – however this time it seems to include an adaptable pivoted plan. The flexibility will be more of course. Google Glass 2 seems liable to be fueled by an Intel CPU, and there’ll likewise be support for 5GHz Wi-Fi. With an option of an additional battery pack it is also going to give us improved battery life and a standby. Although as we can see that Google is so far not aiming to bring huge changes in the basic design and just want to use almost the previous one with necessary enhancements. Google Glass Enterprise Edition might not be in everyone’s hand even when it is launched because of the expected price tag but the product itself truly shows the dedication and the passion of the company towards virtual reality.

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