Google Begins Testing Revolutionary Payment Method

Google has always been the trailblazer as far as tech goes. Long gone are the days when Google was simply a search engine. Now Google is many different things, and the folks at Google are making headway in many different areas of tech from virtual reality to automotive transportation.


One of the areas in which Google is making significant progress is e-payments. E-payments are essentially payments that are made with the use of an electronic device, most often a smartphone. This term is also used to encompass all payments that are made through an online medium. This includes payment mediums such as PayPal as well as payments that are made through the scanning of a bar code on your smartphone which essentially turns your smartphone into a credit card.


However, the payment system that Google is creating, which has yet to be officially named, is taking things up a notch. Google has always been the company that breaks new ground in tech and reveals new ways of doing things. Most of the things Google is trying to do sound like they are from a science fiction movie about the future, and the same is true for this new payment system that the tech giant is developing.


What sets this new payment system apart is that it requires an absolute minimum of effort. Most other payment systems require you to log into an account and make a transfer among other things. If nothing else, you might just have to take your phone out and swipe it across a sensor. Google has done the impossible by creating a payment system that requires you to do none of those things. In fact, this new payment method won’t even require you to take your phone out of your pocket!


All you will have to do is go to the counter and tell the cashier that you are going to pay with Google. There is a very specific voice command that yo will have to speak, “I’m paying with Google”, and once you speak this voice command the app will automatically sync with a sensor that will cut the payment from an online account or directly from your bank account.


This new payment method is currently being tested in certain parts of San Francisco in very specific locations. However, if the tests end up being successful then the world could be seeing the birth of a game changer. This new payment method will revolutionise the way we pay for our goods and will make it so that we are able to pay for things in a much more convenient way. Google is paving the future with its innovations, and soon the very idea of paper money might be laughable and the concept of plastic money might be heading out the door too. The mind boggles at the possibilities of what Google might end up accomplishing after about a decade of the research and innovation that it is currently undertaking.

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