FotoFuse Review : Best Full Featured Collage Maker For Mac

Do you know about collage? The process of combining multiple pictures into one picture is called Collage. The demand of collage makers getting increased day by day. There are many software programs available for Windows operating system. But if you are a Mac user, then this post is for you. As we will review one of the best collage maker available for Mac OS X.

People use these makers to assemble their life events into one picture. There are plenty of applications available for Android, Windows as well as iOS powered smartphones. But if you are willing to mix photos on your Mac, then buy FotoFuse.

Besides FotoFuse, there are other Mac OS software programs available for users which are popular like iScrapbook and PrintLife. If you have used any of their application before, then the interface will not look new for you. The user interface of FotoFuse is identical with other applications of the company.

The price of this application for Mac users is $40. Let’s start discussing the look of this application.


The interface is easy to use. Anyone with basic knowledge about computers can enjoy making collages from this software. In the right corner of the window, there are buttons available which can be used to switch between Object, Format, and Canvas panels. The object panel includes all the features for creating text, setting up favorites and adding any custom shapes to your collage. The format section includes plenty of options to alter the pictures completely and improve them by enhancing their contrast levels and so on.


There is template chooser section from which you can choose any template of your choice. The templates collection include 600 different and unique styles. All these 600 templates are arranged in different category folders like Antique, Gallery etc. You are not limited in creating specific size collages. There is an option available to change the aspect ratio according to your need.

The look of this application software is similar to Instagram design and look with some changes. You can create folders for your ease. The new folders can be added from the sidebar. You can rename, copy and re-arrange the folders in the sidebar. You can drag and drop similar projects into one folder but only those projects will be dragged whose aspect ratio is matching with one another.

Once you have arranged the folders and projects correctly, the next process is simple. There are plenty of templates available from which you can choose any of your choices. After choosing the template, double-click on the image placeholder to browse for an image on your Mac device. When you insert any photo in the design, there will be all editing options available for that photo like crop, reposition and filtering.

You can also optimize the pictures according to the preferred sizes of different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The drawback of this application is that sometimes the software becomes sluggish. But if you are willing to create awesome looking photo collages on your Mac, then this is the best solution for you.

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