Features Of Android 7.0 Nougat You Should Know

Google operating system is getting better as the time passes. The new version of android 7.0 is all set to roll out in your devices as it is available for download. The updated OS first released with Nexus smartphones as usual. There are plenty of new features and improvements made in the new version 7.0. In this article, we will figure out what are the top features of android Nougat which you should know about. These are the features which you should try first after getting updated to the latest version.


The first feature which you should try first is the multi-window option in the latest firmware of android. Do you want to enjoy using two applications on the same screen at a time? If yes, then here is the possibility to do that by using Nougat version of android. Once you start using this feature, it will become an addiction for you. It is really a great fun to use two different applications at the same time on one screen.

You can enjoy using two apps in one screen by moving to recent apps screen. Now hold the application you want to run and move it to the one side of the screen. Now select the second application from recent apps and move that one to the other side of the screen. Now you can have two apps running simultaneously on one screen.

Data Saver

If you are worried about your cellular data package and want to save the data, then in the latest android version 7.0. There is a solution to your problem. The Android Nougat allow you to limit your applications data access with an ease. So, if you want to save overage charges of cellular data. Then you can do that within a minute. In the quick settings menu, you can find data saver option. But you can also reach that option by going to the Settings section in your smartphone. Now you can restrict each application separately to stop using your cellular data in the background. When the data saver mode will be on, your all smartphone applications will be restricted to send and receive any data from your smartphone in the background. Those applications will only run when you will be using them actively.

Customized Camera Button

Another useful but minor addition in the updated version of android is that you can take pictures by clicking on the volume key button. You can easily change the camera photo capturing option. Go to your camera application, then proceed further to the options panel. Now select settings. Here you will be able to see volume key action option. Just tap on it and select what you want to do by using your volume key. The volume key can be utilized for three functions. First, it can be used for shooting pictures. Second, it can be used for zooming in the camera app while taking pictures. The third one would be the default volume tuner option.

So, these are few interesting and useful features which you should try at first glance after updating to the latest Android 7.0 Nougat.

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