Everything You Need To Know About MacBook Pro 2016

Apple is a well-known company which produces MacBook for their customers. Are you waiting for the upcoming MacBook pro in 2016? Then read this article till the end as I will explore everything you need to know about the upcoming MacBook. Right now in the market, there are two different sizes are available. One is 13-inch model and the second one is 15-inch model.

MacBook Pro 2016 Releasing Date

The first question which arises in mind is that when the company will introduce their new book. The users are disappointed at this time because they are supposed to get any news from Apple at their spring event which was held in March. But there was nothing about MacBook. The device may be get kicked off on 13 June in WWDC 2016. This is only a rumor, there is no official announcement made yet. According to one analyst, the release will be in the fourth quarter of this year. Which means we can expect the device to come between July and September.

MacBook Pro 2016 Price

The current 13-inch machine having no-retina is available for $1099 and the 15-inch machine is available for $2099. According to sources, the price of new Mac will be similar and somehow identical to the previous ones. It means we can expect the price of new model from 1099$ to 2100$.

Skylake In Upcoming MacBook Pro 2016

The company is trying to trail their PC rivals by moving towards new processors of skylake. Dell and other competitors had moved to 6th generation processors but Apple is still on old processors like Broadwell and Haswell. According to rumors, there will be upgrade in the processor chips they will be Skylake processor chips which will be more powerful and efficient than the others.

4G Connectivity

There are rumors that the upcoming MacBook will have 4G connectivity feature. So, it means Apple is trying to produce a machine with cellular capabilities.

Screen Rumors

The resolution for the new MacBook will be 2304×1440. This would be the resolution for 12-inch model. There will be no 4k/5k screen from the company. But the PPI is increased from 226 to 400-500 pixels per inch in the new 2016 model. There is also a rumor that the machines will have touch screens.

Physical Design

There are no huge changes expected in the upcoming model. But might possible, there would be a gold model launched with the simple one. The new design will be thinner and lighter than predecessors.


There are rumors of the return of Butterfly key mechanism to be used in the 2016 model as it was used in the 2015 model.


Both graphical giants AMD and nVidia are going to launch their new products GPU in 2016. So most probably, the new MacBook will have these latest launched GPUs inside.

Our Demands

So, we all need more powerful machine better than the previous year models with improved battery life. The design should have to be new and unique along with touch screen. There should have to be a gold model launched along with simple one.


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