Everything You Need To Know About Google Duo

Google is introducing new applications for their customers. They are trying to compete with the big giants in the social media industry first by launching their own social media Google Plus, then by introducing Hangouts and other applications. In this article, we will discuss in detail about Google Duo which is recently released by Google. It is basically a video calling app which is available for both popular operating systems Android as well as iOS. The company is competing with Apple’s FaceTime by introducing their Google Duo application. The method of calling from android to iPhone or from iPhone to android become very easy by using this one to one calling app. For chatting, both the parties should have Google Duo installed on their smartphones.

Features Of Google Duo

The first and a unique feature in the application provided by Google is its “Knock Knock” feature. What this feature means? Well, whenever you get a call from someone on Duo, you will be able to see other person camera preview before accepting the call. When you will be ready to initiate the call, then there will be a notice shown on the screen that your video is visible now. After this notice, the second person who is calling will be able to see your video instantly. If you are using Android smartphone, then you will get the Knock Knock feature whether you have opened the application or not. But in iPhone, you will have to open the application to see another person camera. If you not open the application in iPhone, then you will only see a notice that someone is calling you.

If you get annoyed or have any issue with this feature, then you can disable that option without any problem. You will only receive Knock Knock from people added to your contact list. If you want to block someone then you can. Surprisingly, the second person will not know that you have blocked because whenever he/she calls, the bill will keep ringing continuously. By tapping to the settings menu in the application, you can disable this feature.

The interface of the Google Duo is really simple and clean. It is user-friendly video calling application. You will only be able to see an icon for starting a call and all your recent called contacts. There is no audio call option in the application. When you will start calling, there will be your camera in a circle on the screen with options to switch your camera, muting audio and hang up. Besides those few options, you will have second party camera showing all over the screen of your smartphone.

Difference Between Hangout And Duo

This is the question which will arise in your mind after reading the above features of Google Duo. What is the major different between Hangout and Duo as both are provided by the same vendor “Google”. According to the company, there is a big difference in both tools. The Google Duo is specially designed only for video calling between smartphones and tablets. Whereas hangouts can be used on PC, Laptop and smartphones. It also provides more features but Google Duo is purely for video calling purpose.


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