Everything You Need To Know About Android 6.0 Marshmallow


On May 28, 2015, Android Marshmallow was firstly introduced and announced at Google I/O as Android M preview. It got updated several times after that introduction and then finally got the name Marshmallow on 17th of August, 2015. The new OS was unveiled with Nexus new arrivals. Let’s start discussing several new advancements made in Marshmallow over Lollipop.

Android 6.0 Design

Visually, 6.0 is pretty similar to its predecessor 5.0. The major areas of UI like settings, notifications and navigation are still the same. But somehow there are few tweaks done in the newer version.

  • Settings Shortcuts

In the previous version of android, you were only allowed to create a shortcut for any settings like the battery. But before this one, the icons of all shortcuts were the same. Now each shortcut has widget shape alongside with container containing an icon of that particular settings item.

  • Lock Screen

The lock screen is identical to the old one as it is having expandable notifications and app shortcuts. But in Lollipop, you were having a shortcut to dialer and camera app in your device. But In 6.0, you will have Google voice search app instead of the dialer. The voice search is now completely different with its new look. When you search for anything, four traditional Google colors dots float as wave while performing search on your command.

  • Home Screen

The home screen is not much different and updated. It’s almost the same as we have in version 5.0. There will be Google Voice search icon on the top of the screen with Google logo on the left and microphone logo on the right side of the bar.

  • App Drawer

The app drawer is now a vertical scrolling list of all the applications installed on your smartphone. In previous versions, we are experiencing horizontal list of apps with multiple pages.

  • Notifications And Quick Settings

There are two parts of notification and quick settings area. If you single swipe your finger from the top of the screen, then notification shade will appear. However, when you swipe one more time from the top, then you will be able to see quick settings panel.


Android Marshmallow Performance

Now, let’s talk about some of the changes made to increase the performance of your devices.

  • Doze

It is the biggest update in version 6.0 is Doze. It is an intelligent feature which will help your device to boost up your battery performance. The battery performance is better in Marshmallow due to Doze intelligent sense to detect your device in stand-by mode and reduce battery drainage.

  • Type-C and Reverse Charging

Type-C cables and faster data transfer are supportive in Android Marshmallow. These type-c cables are reversible which means that you will not need to fumble around with your charging adapter in dark. Both sides of the cable will get attached to the charging port with ease. These C-type ports also support faster data transfer and increase the charging speed of the device.

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