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Dogs have long been helping police in search, rescue and tracing out the culprits. The policemen at Netherlands are now recruiting a new species of animals to partner them in the fight against crimes. Yes, it is the eagles.


In a press release on 31st of this January, the Dutch National Police Cops announced a new idea of using large carnivorous birds to intercept illegal or unwanted drones in a restricted area. The project is started and tested in collaboration with a Dutch Company Guard from Above (GFA). The company located in Hague is actually training large hunting birds to attack and ground the robotic flying objects.
In a recently published video by the National Police Officers, an indoor demonstration shows releasing an eagle on to a drone. The eagle hovers over the quadcopter drone, captures it and takes it to a corner of the training area.
The innovation manager of the National Unit of Police says that the drone triggers the same response in the eagle as its natural prey does. It not only attacks and captures it but also takes it to the ground immediately to eat it considering it an animate object. This instinctive behavior of the eagle makes it possible to use the bird for ‘
“For years, the government has been looking for ways to counter the undesirable use of drones, sometimes a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem is more obvious than it seems. This is the case with our specially trained birds of prey. By using these birds’ animal instincts, we can offer an effective solution to a new threat.” These were the words of the cofounder of GFA Mr. Sjoerd Hoogendoorn.
The bird seen in the video is a golden eagle. The way it takes the drone down shows it. It is a large preying bird that preys on small mammals. Bu in case of danger to its prey or young ones, it can also fight bears and coyotes. This was revealed in a study conducted by Cornell Lab of Orthinology. In 2012, the video of an eagle taking a child with it in a flight went viral. Though later proven a hoax, the video may have been the source of inspiration behind this idea.
Dutch Police is taking the research one step further by trying to use it on rogue drones. These types of drones can interfere with helicopter flights and can be used to attack people. There are some restrictions in using this technology for now. The drones may be a source of injury for by-standers if mishandled by the eagle. Safety nets which were developed by Tokyo Police in 2015 may be used to overcome this. The Police will make the final decision after a few months of testing period in which the overall progress and usefulness of the animals will be tested.
From horse backs to dogs and now this is one step further in using animals to fight criminals. Sometimes we tend to think these animals are better than the humans who break the laws.

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